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ULTIMATE WATER JETTING SOLUTION C-150/42E C-200/30E C-300/20E Electric Powered Mini High-Pressure Water Blasters The rigidly constructed Mini Water Blaster series offer powerful performance in a compact design, built to last in harsh environments. Industries/Segments: + Cleaning contractor. + Manufacturing, * Buliding and construction. + Marine. Application Area + Removing of peli, graffi ‘and rust an steel and conerete surfaces. + Roughening of concrete surfaces. + Removing of algaes/marine grows. + Bust free sand Features + Low speed motor/pump unit. [Non corrosive materials are used in pump, sittings and pipes. 3 fully ceramic pistana, t Long life seats. Maan ets Stainless steel valves. ‘zayaen Be Buitin by-pass,/satety-vaive Motorsaee: Rpmso/eoHe 1400/1780 Startup accumulator lass F motor with overioad relay. cin Ot ees ae Star/detta starter box. High ressurehose 1/2: om 8 40L water break tank with fier zi * Tigger gun & lance with screw eee ae = ‘coupling connection. oie te 220) + Hot dip galvanized frame with 5 Pena powder coating and lifting eyes. + 3 wheels for easy transportation. ‘Note: Other aocessories & attachments are avaiable vpon remuast. Easy access for service & maintenance, me Electric Powered High-Pressure Water Blasters The series of mid-range Water Blasters have proven to be ideal tools for industrial and off-shore applications where reliability and productivity are key factors. Cleaning contractor. Manufacturing. Building and construction. Morine, * Removing of paint, graffiti and rust on steel and concrete surfaces. + Roughening of conerote surfaces. + Removing of algaes/marine grows. + Dust free sand blasting, * Non norrosive materials are used in pump, fittings & pipes. Triplex pump with fully ceramic pistons. Tetlon packings/seals. Stainless steel valves. Stainless steel pump-head. Power consumption: Kw/tp 30.0/400 Built-in by-pass/safety-valve. Fae TB 7 = Startup accumulator. =a Class F motor with overload relay. Soe Isolation IPBd standard, 28 Star/delta starter box Motor specs: Rpm 50/60H2 1000/3200 * Hourmoter. + BOL water break tank with fier ae ce eae 16 ~ Low water level cut-off switch. 5 + Back flush prefilter system, Witee inet tmnp, Mae 6 eo + Directly coupled pump/motor, ‘+ Hot dip galvanized frame with powder Wel: e 50 coating and lifting eyes. Dimensions LaWait mm 4800140008350 + Pneumatic wheels for easy transportation. Note: Other accessories & attachments are avaliable upan request. * Engy access for eerviee & maintenance, Note: Skid mounting eption available upon request N