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A. Choose the best answer 1.

Somebody hit the principal ___ the head while he was walking __ his car __ the parking lot __ the street. (A) at to at on (B) in to next to on (C) on towards in across (D) over to on next to 2. It has come ____ the Commandants attention that supervisors havent been doing well. (A) at (B) to (C) in (D) into 3. Please be considerate _______ others. (A) with (B) to (C) in (D) at 4. Lt Smith gave a lackluster speech. (A) good (B) dull (C) outstanding (D) brilliant 5. The troops went _______ a five-smile road march. (A) in (B) at (C) of (D) on 6. I ate a couple of doughnuts. (A) one (B) two (C) six (D) dozen 7. All of the students are unhappy. ______________ failed the test. (A) dozen of them (B) a dozen of them (C) dozen them (D) a dozen of 8. Joe gave Mary _______________ roses. (A) a dozen (B) dozen of (C) dozen (D) dozens 9. Scores of people were injured in the train wreck. (A) about 5 (B) twelve (C) thousands (D) sixty to eight 10. Which sentence is correct? (A) Explain me this problem (B) Explain this problem me (C) Please to explain me this problem (D) Explain this problem to me 11. If I had been you, I would not have done that. (A) If I was you, I wouldnt do that (C) If I were you, I wouldnt have done that (B) Had I been you, I wouldnt have done that (D) Were I you, I wouldnt have done that 12. He got another ticket for DWI, thereby __________his drivers license forever. (A) lost (B) to lose (C) losing (D) he lose 13. This material is not flammable. It is _______________. (A) inflammable (B) no flammable (C) imflammable (D) nonflammable 14. My brother used to play _______ a winning soccer team. (A) in (B) on (C) at (D) to 15. Some people say Mayor Smith is feckless. (A) forceful (B) intelligent (C) weak and ineffective (D) dynamic and bold 16. I got a 92 _______ the test. (A) in (B) at (C) by (D) on 17. He didnt actually hit me, but he ___________ at me. (A) swinged (B) swang (C) swung (D) swing 18. I am on the list for another OPI next week, __________? (A) arent I (B) amnt I (C) wont I (D) cant I 19. Joe __________ his ID card when he went to take the ECL test. (A) hadnt (B) no had (C) doesnt have (D) didnt have 20. Someone might have to stay in the office until 1800 hours if ____________. (A) need be (B) need (C) needing (D) needs 21. Dikes, dams and levees are all intended to control _____. (A) speed (B) temperature (C) prices (D) water 22. The policeman ordered that Joe _________ out of the car with his hands up. (A) gets (B) got (C) get (D) have to get 23. John said that we have to be at Lab 3 before 0800 hours, ____________? (A) hasn't we (B) didn't he (C) did he (D) hasn't he 24. The color red on the flag ____________________ blood. (A) symbolizing the (B) symbolize (C) is symbolize (D) symbolizes 25. My country ________________________. (A) have many (B) has many problems (C) have much (D) has much problems problems problems 26. American English is ____________________ British English. (A) gooder than (B) more better (C) better than (D) more good than 27. Neither the animals nor their keeper _____________ killed in the fire. (A) were (B) are (C) have been (D) was 28. Each section of this organization ______________ own chief. (A) have his (B) has his (C) have its (D) has its

29. My country ______________________________. (A) is located in (B) is located in the (C) locate in Southeast (D) locates in Southeast Southeast Asia Southeast Asia Asia Asia 30. After the hurricane slammed into the coast, ____________________________. (A) almost the buildings destroyed (C) all of almost the buildings destroyed (B) most of the buildings were destroyed (D) almost all of the buildings were destroy 31. The guerrillas caused problems _______ the government. (A) of (B) for (C) at (D) on 32. Lt. Smith ______________ eight more weeks before he graduates. (A) still have (B) have still (C) still has (D) still has 33. I'm very proud _______ my brothers. (A) to (B) of (C) with (D) in 34. He was just so old and tired that his poor little heart ________________. (A) gave out (B) gave in (C) gave down (D) gave to 35. Did the ___________________ take place in 1898?
A Hispano-American War B Hispanico-Americans War C Spaniard-American War D Spanish-American War

36. The last holdouts ____________________________. (A) committed suicide (B) suicided themselves (C) do suicide (D) did the suicide 37. Joe has been working for that company for seven years, the last five in the same office, but he is still just a flunky. (A) Joe holds an important position in the company. (B) Joe can be considered a successful manager in the company. (C) Joe has not made much progress in his career field. (D) Joe is one of the most powerful people in the company. 38. Had it not been for the sizzling heat and sweltering humidity, we would have been able to play our semifinal match in the peewee football tournament. (A) Our primary concern was the children's health. (B) The weather had no direct impact on the tournament scheduling. (C) We didn't want the elderly people on the team to suffer from the heat. (D) The adverse weather conditions notwithstanding, we proceeded with the game. 39. Due to astute financial management, Mary has been able to accumulate quite a retirement nest egg for herself. (A) Mary has no worries since she doesn't have to go it alone. (B) Mary will probably be well off once she actually retires. (C) Mary took some bad investment advice and is now suffering for it. (D) Mary is caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to retirement options 40. Lt. Lopez's glittering vocabulary and stunning thought processes notwithstanding, I still consider him to be one of my weaker students because of his atrocious pronunciation, which renders his speaking all but incomprehensible. (A) Lt. Lopez is a better speaker than he is a writer. (B) The person making the comment has nothing good to say about Lt. Lopez. (C) If the next grade is for an essay, Lt. Lopez will probably not get a very high score. (D) It is safe to assume that Lt. Lopez can probably write better than he can speak. 41. The Colonel would be loath to allocate hefty sums of our budget for marginal morale-boosters like picnics and cocktail mixers. (A) The Colonel will approve these expenditures. (B) The Colonel disapproves of events that improve troop morale. (C) The Colonel might approve small amounts of money, but not large ones. (D) The Colonel has already decided in advance to approve all of our budget requests. 42. What I like most about Mary is that she doesn't mince words. (A) There is only one thing I like about Mary. (C) Mary is very mealy-mouthed. (B) Mary prevaricates most of the time. (D) Mary says exactly what she is thinking. 43. Most animal names, when applied to people, are intended to be insults, such as "pig", "weasel", or "cow"; but one word at least, "fox", is a great compliment, whether describing a man or a woman. (C) There are no animal names with positive connotation. (A) Most animal names are complimentary.
B.A young woman would be insulted if called "a fox" D.A man would probably rather be called "a fox" than "a snake."

44. Eddie is such a horrible chatterbox that just 5 minutes with him grates on my nerves beyond belief.
(A) Eddie talks too much. B Eddie is a terrible person. (C) Eddie is dishonest and ruthless. (D) Eddie is sinisterly silent.

45. An undernourished melodrama about the moral dilemma confronted by two young men whose buddy faces a death sentence in South Africa, "Return to Carolina" offers disappointingly conventional treatment of an intrigue that could have used either more narrative zing or greater thematic complexity. (A) The author raves about this movie. (B) The author dislikes the film because of its complexity.

(C) The author likes the story's idea but dislikes the final result. (D) "Undernourished melodrama" constitutes high praise for what is obviously a superb drama. 46. Joe is a tad shy of 6 feet tall, thereby rendering it impossible for him to pursue his dream of a career as a pro basketball star. (A) Joe no longer wants to be a basketball star. (B) Joe is 6 feet 11 1/2 inches or so tall. (C) Joe is over 6 feet tall but not enough to play pro basketball. (D) Joe is not talented enough to be a good basketball player. 47. Edwin Booth was the greatest and most popular actor in the United States until his younger brother, John Wilkes Booth, who was also an actor, assassinated President Lincoln in 1865, at which time his popularity plummeted irreparably. (A) Lincoln's popularity plummeted after 1865. (B) Edwin Booth became unpopular because he assassinated Lincoln. (C) Edwin Booth's career was negatively impacted because of his brother's action. (D) John Wilkes Booth was a more popular actor than his younger brother was. 48. The boss scoffed at my suggestion that we reduce our workweek from 44 hours to 40. (A) The boss liked my suggestion. (B) The boss agreed to my suggestion. (C) The boss dismissed my suggestion. (D) The boss accepted my suggestion. 49. Mary doesn't mind anything except icy weather. (A) Mary likes icy weather. (C) Mary has an aversion to icy weather. (B) Mary does not dislike icy weather. (D) Mary's favorite weather is the icy kind. 50. Joe used to reside in California, but much to his dismay, his company has re-assigned him to North Dakota. (A) Joe is happy to be in North Dakota. (B) Joe likes California and North Dakota equally. (C) Joe prefers California to North Dakota. (D) Joe prefers North Dakota to California. 51. Colonel Smith gave me one of his poker-faced replies (A) Col Smith was smirking again. (C) Col Smith was obviously angry. (B) Col Smith showed no emotions. (D) Col Smith was smiling broadly. 52. My brother finally popped the question. He'll get hitched in late June. (A) He's going to get married. (C) He's starting college. (B) He's joining the military. (D) He's going into the hospital for an operation. 53. Originally, Mary Smith fingered Jimmy Bob as the robber, but now she's backpedaling a little. (A) Mary still asserts that Jimmy Bob is the robber. (B) Mary is not as certain now as she was before about the robber's identity. (C) Mary refuses to back down any on her charges against Jimmy Bob. (D) Mary has convinced the police that Jimmy Bob was the robber. 54. We will not be able to see "Killer Wolves from IDS" because the chain that owns our town's only Cineplex has a policy of refusing to show X-rated movies. (A) "Killer Wolves from IDS" is not an X-rated movie. (B) Killer Wolves from IDS" falls within the guidelines of acceptable cinematic fare. (C) "Killer Wolves from IDS" must be rated X (D) "Killer wolves from IDS" is not inappropriate for teens and children. 55. The sagging ratings in the Senator's popularity bode ill for his re-election chances. (A) The ratings are dropping. (C) The Senator should be elated at the ratings change. (B) The ratings are soaring. (D) Things are looking up for the Senator's re-election hopes. 56. This is Fiesta week, ________ it? (A) couldnt (C) werent (B) wasnt (D) isnt 57. Tammy and Dennis used to live here. They lived here ______________. (A) now (C) frequently (B) forever (D) formerly 58. Barry and Marcia are going to relocate. They _______________. (A) are moving (C) will move (B) moved (D) had moved 59. The child ________ a baby brother. (A) have (C) has (B) is (D) are 60. Do you mind if ________ this cigarette? (A) I smoked (C) I smoke (B) I had smoked (D) I have smoked 61. Would you mind if I ________ on this vacation?

(A) go (C) went (B) gone (D) goes 62. So far, so good. (A) We are successful. (C) We are not through the woods yet. (B) The danger period is over. (D) The plan is not endangered 63. Lets play around with this idea. (A) consider it (C) discard it (B) put it into operation (D) make a master plan with it 64. She swept the scandal under the rug. (A) gossiped about it (C) enlarged it (B) hid it (D) relished it 65. I dont have anything ________ this afternoon. (A) to think about (C) think about (B) thinking about (D) thought about 66. I read the newspaper from cover to cover, but there wasnt ________ hard news in it. (A) some (C) much (B) many (D) lots 67. Candace is the ________ of the two sisters. (A) smart (C) smartest (B) most smarter (D) smarter 68. I guess Frank must ________ away on vacation. (A) be (C) being (B) been (D) to be 69. If I had been there, ________. (A) I will have seen you (C) I did see you (B) I would have seen you (D) I saw you 70. I waited ________ two hours, but she never came. (A) by (C) since (B) for (D) until 71. I think Ken is ________ of the two boys. (A) the taller (C) the tallest (B) taller (D) the most tall 72. We ________ better change our reservations. (A) have (C) would (B) will (D) had 73. It is impolite to interrupt a conversation. (A) cut in on (C) call up (B) call in (D) cut out 74. We have waited ________ a long time. (A) since (C) by (B) because (D) for 75. The airman had the ________ money of the three. (A) morer (C) more (B) most (D) mostest 76. He ought to have locked his room before leaving. (A) should have (C) could have (B) would have (D) must have 77. Mr. Sung and his family have been in this country ______ 1978. (A) from (C) since (B) to (D) about 78. The girls drove ________ than the boys. (A) more careful (C) more carefully (B) most carefully (D) careful 79. ________ you close the window, please? (A) Must (C) Would (B) Should (D) May 80. Dont put off going to the doctor or you will become sicker. (A) refuse (C) delay (B) decide not to (D) decide to 81. They have been working ________ three hours. (A) for (C) since (B) to (D) until

82. Jane is prettier than Jill or Sue. (A) Sue is the prettiest. (C) Jill is prettier than Jane. (B) Jane is the most prettiest. (D) Jane is the prettiest. 83. I must go to town tomorrow. (A) want to (C) could (B) have to (D) should 84. I am putting money aside for a vacation. (A) spending (C) making (B) saving (D) giving 85. The students have been in lab ________ noon. (A) at (C) until (B) by (D) since 86. I think todays test was the ________ of the three. (A) more difficult (C) most difficult (B) difficultest (D) difficulter 87. I wish ________ see a doctor. (A) he may (C) he can (B) we will (D) he would 88. I am going to look up my friend when I get to Dallas. (A) run into (C) see over (B) examine (D) locate and visit 89. He ________ English since 1986. (A) has teached (C) is teaching (B) was teaching (D) has taught 90. Those boxes are ________ than they look. (A) much lighter (C) more lighter (B) more lightest (D) very lighter 91. I wish ________ go with you, but I have to finish my homework. (A) I can (C) Ill (B) I could (D) Id 92. Yesterday, I came across my old Air Force uniform. (A) lost by accident (C) found by accident (B) walked across (D) ran over 93. I ________ him since he arrived. (A) dont see (C) hadnt see (B) am seeing (D) havent seen 94. This book is ________ of all my books. (A) less interesting than (C) less interesting (B) the least interesting (D) the interesting 95. He must be in the office because his hat is there. (A) will have been (C) had to be (B) should have been (D) is surely 96. His Honda caught up with the Yamaha. (A) pursued (C) stayed even with (B) came alongside (D) fell behind 97. ________ there for the past year. (A) I dont work (C) I havent worked (B) Im not working (D) I didnt work 98. He is ________ good a student ________ his brother is. (A) so . . . that (C) so . . . so (B) as . . . so (D) as . . . as 99. My father is tall and ________. (A) so my brother is (C) my brother is do (B) so is my brother (D) my brother so is 100. Choose the correct sentence: (A) She will check out them. (C) She will check them out. (B) She them will check out. (D) She check them out will.

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