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Numerical Problems based on AM 1. A modulated wave on CRO has maximum span of 5V and a minimum of 1 V. Find the modulation index.

(m=.67) 2. A sinusoidal carrier voltage of frequency 1500 kHz is amplitude modulated by a sinusoidal voltage of frequency 20kHz resulting in maximum and minimum modulated carrier amplitudes of 120V and 80 V resp. Find: (a) Freq of lower and upper sideband. (b) The unmodulated carrier amplitude (c) Modulation index and amplitude of each sideband. (m=0.2; Esb= 10V) 3. For an AM transmitter with an unmodulated carrier power Pc=100W which is modulated simultaneously by three modulating signals with m1= 0.2 , m2=0.4, m3=.5. Find (a) Effective modulation index. (mt= 0.67) (b) Upper and Lower sideband (c) Total transmitted power. (Pt= 122.445 W) 4. The output current of 60% modulated AM generator is 1.5A. Find (a) What will this current if the generator is modulated additionally by another audio wave with modulation index of 0.7? (b) What will be the %age power saved if the carrier and one of the sidebands are now suppressed? (85%) 5. The r.m.s. value of a carrier voltage is 100 V. Compute its r.m.s. value when it is amplitude modulated by a sinusoidal audio voltage to a depth of (a) 20% (b) 40%. (101 V, 103.9V) 6. What is total power when modulation index is 0.75 and carrier power is 500W? ( 640.6W) 7. What are carrier power and sideband power with modulation index of 0.25 when transmitter is capable of 100 W maximum total power? (Pc= 96.97W and Psb= 3.03W) 8. The r.m.s antenna current of the radio transmitter is 5A when unmodulated, rising to 6A when the carrier sinusoid ally modulated. Find the modulation index. (m=.94) 9. An AM broadcast station operates at its max. and min. allowed total output of 50kW and at 95% modulation. Find the power contained in sidebands. (15.5kW) 10. A transmitter with 10kW carrier transmits 11.2kW when modulated with a single sine wave. Calculate the modulation index. If the carrier is simultaneously modulated with another sine wave at 50% modulation. Find the total transmitted power. (12.45W) 11. Carriers are spaced at 20 kHz starting from 100 kHz. Each carrier is modulated by signal with 5 kHz BW. Is there interference with sideband overlap?

12. The tuned circuit of the oscillator in a simple AM transmitter employs a 50 microhenry coil and a 1 nanofarad capacitor. If the oscillator output is modulated by audio frequencies up to 10 kHz, what is frequency range occupied by sidebands? (fc=712kHz) 13. A 400 watt carrier is modulated to a depth of 75%. Calculate the total power in the modulated wave. 14. A broadcast radio transmitter radiates 10 kW when a modulation percentage is 60. How much of this is carrier power? (8.47 kW) 15. The antenna current of an AM transmitter is 8A when only carrier is sent. But it increases to 8.93A when a carrier is modulated by a single sine wave. Find the percentage modulation. Determine the antenna current when a percent of modulation changes to 0.8. (m=0.701, It= 9.19A) 16. A certain transmitter radiates 9kW with the carrier unmodulated, and 10.125kW when the carrier is sinusoidally modulated. Calculate the modulation index, %age of modulation. If another sine wave corresponding to 40% modulation is transmitted simultaneously, determine the total radiated power. (Pt=10.84kW) 17. The antenna current of an AM broadcast transmitter modulated to a depth of 40% by an audio sine wave, is 11A. It increases to 12 A as a result of simultaneous modulation by another audio sine wave. What is the modulation index of this second wave? ( m=0.643) 18. One input to a conventional AM modulator is a 500 kHz carrier with an amplitude of 20 Vp. The second input is a 10 kHz modulating signal that is of sufficient amplitude to cause a change in the output wave of 7 .5Vp. Determine (a) Upper and lower side frequencies. (b) Modulation coefficient and percent modulation. (c) Peak amplitude of the modulated carrier and the upper and lower side frequency voltages. (d) Maximum and minimum amplitudes of the envelope. (e) Expression for the modulated wave. (f) Draw the output spectrum. (g) Sketch the output envelope. 19. An AM transmitter operating at a carrier frequency of 1MHz and a modulating frequency of 5kHz and modulated at 60% depth delivers a carrier power of 6kW into 50 ohms. (a) Obtain the total average power of the modulated signal in dB, watts and dBm. (b) Obtain the peak and RMS voltages of the modulated signal.

20. An AM DSBFC wave with a peak unmodulated carrier voltage , Vc= 10Vp, a load resistance RL= 10 ohms and modulation coefficient , m=1, determine (a) powers of the carrier and upper and lower sidebands. (b) Total sideband powers. (c) Total power of the modulated wave. (d) Draw the power spectrum (e) Repeat steps (a) to (d) for modulation index m=0.5.