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Ahnii, my fellow Garden River members! My name is Chester Langille and I am Anishnawbe from Garden River First Nation. My spirit name is Ozhaawashko Nimikiibinesii, (Blue Spotted Thunderbird) and I am pickerel clan. I have lived both on and offreserve and have an 8-acre plot of land in Garden River, along with many relatives that still reside on-reserve. My grandparents were Lizzy and Cliff Lesage and my mother is Mary Lesage. I am running for Council to support our community in the following ways: Goals: increase employment, housing, economic development opportunities, improved programs and services, offreserve membership engagement, external partnerships Objectives: review and update bylaws, policies and procedures, implement program integration, develop long and shortterm strategic plan Values: integrity, transparency, accountability, justice, education, culture, leadership, 7 Grandfather teachings, selfdetermination Elect me for Council and I will advocate for the protection of our rights, the preservation of our heritage and the empowerment of our people as we move toward self-determination and raising the quality of life for our people, both on and off-reserve.