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Script for Name topics I.

Cisneros, My Name - Read around (twice) - each person take a sentence - underline two lines that stand out write: what you liked about the lines or why they stood out text explosion: read piece - each person read reflection on the lines they chose II. FFW My name means.... (explore literal and figurative meanings) or I have many names... (can relate to nicknames, changed names, name variations) Read pieces III. Hollander, Adams Task - read around (twice) - discuss - what is going on in poem - clarify biblical passage and Adam naming animals IV FFW Adams Task makes me think about... read around Discussion: Who gets to name things? Are names arbitrary or connected to things? Can we make up new names for things? why or why not? V. Willimas, The Locust Tree in Flowers read version 1 - discuss as sentence read version 2 - what happened? which do you like better? Can you read the second without having read the first? Write your own second version of the first version