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Golmen Gazette

Volume 3, Issue 4 September 2, 2011 LATEST & GREATEST!

Whats New? September Character Trait is RESPONSIBILITY! Its whatcha got to do! Weekly Quizzes September: Responsibility
Thursday-Spelling Friday ~ Math Check Up, Editing, and Reading Skill.

Fundrasing: Please take some time to look through the Fundraising Packet. I am looking forward to seeing the success we have in this fundraiser, plus I would love to see Mrs. Sutherland taped to the wal! Please be sure to send to read carefully for the return date. Reminder: BRAIN BOOKS ARE FOR A WRITING GRADE!!! From this point on we will be writing for EVERY subject EVERYDAY. Students should have 1-2 sentences for all subjects. At the beginning of next week I will check these and provide feedback to make sure that students are meeting the expectations. At the end of the week I will take them for a grade. The rubric is glued into your childs Brain Book. Please look over this with your child to make sure they are including everything!

Future Plans!
MID-QUARTER DATE: Acuity Testing: PTA Movie Night: PTA Fundraiser Ends: Grandparents Day: 9/16 9/13-23 9/16 9/20 9/26

Website of the Week www.thatquiz.com

Practice math skills with timing at all levels.

Soaring Success
We are working towards 25 marbles. We are at 24 and will have a celebration at 25. Our next goal will be 40! SOAR buck requirements to attend the BIG EVENT- 5 for 1st Quarter 12 students already have 5 or more!!!

We are looking for volunteers to help with the PBS Big Event on Friday, October 14th. Please email me if you are interested in helping!

Whats Coming Up? Reading: Thick Questions- Using what you know to question the book and find answers. Writing: Persuasive letters Working With Words: could, to, excited, expensive, independence, running, swimming, hopping, beginning winning Prefix: inMath: Multiplication with Arrays Social Studies: Native Americans, European Explorers Suffix: -ive, ed, ence Blend: double the consonant, add -ing