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Celebrity ConneCtions about anCestry.CoMs Celebrity ConneCtions ancestry.

com has taken a close look into the family histories of some of the worlds most famous individuals, and come up with several surprises.
May 2007 finds that George W. bush and Pocahontas are related through a marriage of bushs 8th great-grandfather. october 2007 confirms that President barack obama and brad Pitt are 9th cousins. october 2008 discovers that former governor sarah Palin is 10th cousins with Princess diana and 9th cousins, once removed, with franklin d. roosevelt. June 2009 identifies that President barack obama has German roots through the presidents 6th great-grandfather. July 2009 uncovers that emma Watson, who plays Hermione in the Harry Potter movie series, is related to a 16th-century english woman accused of witchcraft. december 2009 finds that President barack obama and billionaire financial investor Warren buffett are 7th cousins, three times removed.

Celebrities in HistoriCal reCords at anCestry.CoM

several celebrities and their ancestors can be found in historical records on Here are just a few:

toM Hanks - according to the 1930 u.s. Census, tom Hanks grandfather Clarence frager worked for rodent control. MartHa steWart - as discovered in the 1905 Passenger list, it seems that Martha stewarts home decor skills come from an unexpected source her immigrant grandfather franz (frank) kostyra. according to the s. s. Zeelands passenger manifest, kostyras occupation was that of a basket maker. toM Cruise - apparently Hollywood heart-throb tom Cruise doesnt get his good looks from his great-grandfather thomas Cruise Mapother. Mapother was described as short, stout and bald on his World War i draft registration card. babe rutH - George Herman ruth, aka babe ruth, registered for both the World War i and World War ii drafts. He listed baseball player for the boston american as his occupation on his World War i draft registration card in 1917. the bambinos place of employment: fenway Park.

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