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Course Syllabus

Course Information:


Wednesday, 7:00 PM 9:45 PM ATEC 1.606 Fall 2011

Professor Contact Information

Instructor: Dr. Tim Christopher Email: khimbar@utdallas.edu Email MUST have atec6341 in subject line.

Office: ATEC 1.304 Office Hours: NA

Course Pre-requisites, Co-requisites, and/or Other Restrictions


Course Description

ATEC 6341 Game Design (3 semester hours) Advanced study of the structure and design of digital, analog, narrative, and social game systems. Course focuses on theory, critical analysis, innovation, and prototype creation.

Student Learning Objectives/Outcomes Students will learn to think critically about games and gaming issues Students will work in teams to develop original playable games Students will learn how to critically analyze games made by themselves and others Students will research and discuss social issues as they relate to games

Required Textbooks and Materials Students will need accounts with Steam as well as with Good Old Games. Additional reading will be assigned. Suggested Course Materials Raph Koster, A theory of fun for game design Fullerton, Swain, and Hoffman; Game Design Workshop Schell, Jesse; The Art of Game Design

Assignments & Academic Calendar Aug 24 Introduction to class Game 1 assigned Lecture and discussion Game 1 Alpha Due Game 1 Final Due Lecture and discussion Game 2 assigned Lecture and discussion Game 2 Alpha due Game 2 Final Due Lecture and discussion Game 3 assigned Lecture and discussion Game 3 Alpha Due Game 3 Final Due Lecture and discussion Game 4 assigned Lecture and discussion Game 4 Alpha Due NO CLASS Last Day Game 4 Final Due

31 Sep 7 14 21

28 Oct 5 12 19

26 Nov 2 9 16

23 30 Dec 7 14

Grading Policy: Games Individual Assignements Participation 60% 30% 10%

Course & Instructor Policies

Late assignments will be docked 10% per day late. Students are responsible for determining what assignments they miss if they are absent. Requirements and schedule are subject to change at the discretion of the instructors (all changes will be furnished to students in writing).

Information on university policies and procedures: http://go.utdallas.edu/syllabus-policies