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Newsletter 0 | Newsletter 1 | Newsletter 2 | Newsletter 3 | Newsletter 4 | Newsletter 5 | Newsletter 6 | Newsletter 7 | Newsletter 8 | Final Newsletter THE BEGINNING OF THE END TIMES Darkness has fallen across a hundred worlds, and for the defenders of the Cadian Gate, the pure light of day now seems but a distant memory. Though the forces of the Despoiler have been denied the ultimate prize of the fall of Cadia, Abaddons hordes have gained a foothold upon the worlds of Man, and none can see them being repelled for many years to come. Abaddon and his council of three have outmanoeuvred and out fought the forces of the Imperium at almost every turn. Corpses litter the battlefields in their millions, yet millions more still stand beleaguered, against a foe that knows no mercy and whose only goal is the utter destruction of all who stand before them. The Thirteenth Black Crusade has broken the Imperiums hold upon the Cadian Gate- perhaps forever. The raging tempest of the Eye of Terror has surged forth, engulfing those worlds lost to Chaos. The Imperium no longer bars the gate to the Eye, only a small channel remains through which Imperial Navy vessels may pass to bring aid to the desperate forces upon Cadia. At the close of the Thirteenth Black Crusade, Cadia still stands. But she stands alone, a failing beacon flickering against the encroaching night. Total war is come to Segmentum Obscurus, and all hopes of repelling the invaders are dashed. The Imperium must now consolidate its grip upon those worlds it still holds, and prepare to fight a war that will not end within the lifetime of any of its combatants. While Cadia still stands, humanity has reason to hope, but Abaddon the Despoiler has finally achieved what he has failed to do on twelve previous occasions, over ten thousand years- he has breached the Cadian Gate, and none can now hold back the inexorable tide of Chaos unleashed upon the Imperium of Man. Cadia The bleak moors of Cadia are reduced to a barren, crater-pocked wasteland, blasted by orbital torpedoes, super-heavy artillery and the footfall of titans. The Vilklas and Andur defence lines have collapsed under the relentless pressure of a million frenzied cultists, traitors and mutants, and the Cadian High Command has been forced to relocate to Kasr Gallan on the far side of the Caducades Sea. Though the Imperial Navy is in control of the inter-system space lanes, Chaos rules the skies above Cadia since the orbital defences fell in the opening days of the Black Crusade. The defenders of Cadia are now deployed around Kasr Gallan and throughout the Wastes, resolute that not a backward step shall be taken. The order is given- stand at Cadia, or damn the Imperium of Mankind to the depredations of Chaos for all eternity. Scarus The unstoppable force of the Green Krusade has laid waste to the Scarus system, and now the

Orks rule Lethe Eleven and Mordax. The Forge Worlds of Mordax are now infested with lootaz of the Death Skull clan, a truly terrifying prospect to the devotees of the Machine God, who know full well the depths of blasphemy against the Omnissiah to which these barbaric xenos will sink. Only Thracian Primaris holds firm against the Green Crusade, bolstered first by the intervention of a Black Templars Crusade, and later by the stalwart defence mounted by the Salamanders Chapter. The situation is grim in Scarus, and none can see an end to the infestation given the dire situation across the region. Belis Corona The Imperium have largely held at Belis Corona, suffering the worst excesses of a Tyranid splinter fleet of Hive Fleet Leviathan, and the horrific plagues bestowed upon the Hive Cities by the Death Guard. Subiaco Diablo saw the Convent of the Order of the Ermine Mantle hold out against overwhelming odds, before being relieved by a host of Adepta Sororitas from across the region, their assault spearheaded by the celebrated Canoness Astra. Agripinaa The industrial heartland of the Cadian Gate lies in ruin. Though the Imperial Navy controls space, many worlds of the sector are lost to anarchy and destruction. Agripinaa itself may stand, but without the Agri-worlds of Yayor, Ulthor and Dentor, its populace may yet starve to death, and without the vital materiels provided by the Hive worlds of Albitern, Amistel and Tabor, its mighty forges may yet fall silent. With Typhus, Herald of Nurgle consolidating his grip upon the Ulthor system, as if claiming it as the capital of a nascent, plague-ridden empire of his own, it is apparent that the taint of Chaos is well and truly upon the Agripinaa sector. The Webway The Eldar have sealed the Webway against all invaders, expelling the Traitor Space Marines of the Thousand Sons Legion, and pushing their own wayward kin, the Dark Eldar, back to their shadow-realm of Commorragh. For now, the hidden places of the Eldar, and the most terrible secrets they hide are safe from the predations of the lesser races. Those warzones only accessible through the Webway are now held by the Eldar, including the ancient Crone World of Belial IV, former jewel in the once-mighty galaxy-spanning empire of the race. The space lanes The Imperial Navy has fought with courage and vigour throughout the war, ruthlessly taking the battle to the enemy wherever it encountered them. Admiral Quarren has been hailed a true hero of the Imperium, for his masterful defence of the space lanes was all that stood between survival, and utter defeat for the Imperium. Though Cadia is besieged, the Imperial Navy commands space, and is able to offer support to beleaguered forces on the ground. The only question is whether the rapid redeployment of almost the entirety of Battle Fleet Gothic, along with a substantial proportion of Battle Fleet Solar will leave the Navy dangerously overstretched elsewhere and unable to maintain the level of operations required to hold the line at the Cadian Gate. Caliban The Dark Angels have not only held on to the ruins of their homeworld of Caliban against continuous attack, but have countered the activities of a number of the Fallen- rogue brethren who the Chapter and its successors relentlessly hunt to the exclusion of all other considerations. Rumours abound that the Dark Angels captured The Voice of the Emperor himself, only for this mysterious heretic to escape his prison en route to the Tower of Angels.

Other rumours suggests that Lord Castellan Ursarkar Creed now harbours a deep resentment towards the chapter, whose presence, he feels, might have proved critical in the defence of Cadia in the most desperate phases of the war, were the chapter not focusing their efforts upon Caliban. The Tau Empire If any one group can said to have gained from the wholesale destruction of the Thirteenth Black Crusade, it is the Tau. The collectivist xenos have expanded their territory, and look set to establish at least one, perhaps two, new Sept worlds in space formally claimed by the Imperium. With the forces of the Emperor firmly committed to defending Segmentum Obscurus, the Tau may just be able to consolidate their hold upon their newly won worlds. These are the initial results of the Eye of Terror campaign. Inquisition Servitors, lexmechanics and auto-savants are currently engaged in the lengthy process of compiling a true and detailed account of Abaddons Thirteenth Black Crusade. These results will be published shortly in White Dwarf, along with the account of the climactic battle that took place at Cadia, the battle for the very future of the Cadian Gate. For more information and announcement see the UK Eye of Terror News Page! Welcome to the Eye of Terror Online Campaign! This newsletter is designed to answer a number of questions that you might have regarding the campaign in general, and the web site in particular. It is highly recommended that you thoroughly read this newsletter if you are having any problems understanding how to use the Eye of Terror web site. Log in If you return to the Eye of Terror web site and can't access your Warroom, you will be required to identify yourself by logging in. Go to the Registration page, enter your e-mail and your password, and press the "Log in" button. If all of your information is correct, you will be automatically taken to your Warroom. Here you will find valuable campaign data, news, and links to campaign utilities. Warroom Data Located on the left hand side of the Warroom is a list of sectors and their Imperial Control percentages. These values give you some idea how the campaign is progressing. Also found nearby is the Tau Empire percentage. Values over 100% indicate that the Tau Empire has expanded in size and values below 100% mean that the Tau Empire has contracted. Warroom News At the bottom of the Warroom, you will find the most recent headlines. Clicking here will expand the headlines into full stories. Local News The local news button in the Warroom is a link to your local business's Eye of Terror site. Here you

will find hobby articles, weekly scenarios, miniature galleries, and links to buy the amazing Eye of Terror releases. Keep up-to-date on all the news and events in your area, or just find a local store to play a few games. Warroom Links In addition to having links to the main sections of the web site, the Warroom contains links to specialized areas. Only through the Warroom can players get to the Comm Room (Message Board), the Debriefing Room (Report Battles), and Wartime Achievements (Personal Statistics). Clicking on the strategic display in the middle of the Warroom takes you to the Eye of Terror Campaign Map System. Campaign Map The Campaign Map is a system of 22 interlinked displays that will provide you with all currently available statistics, descriptions, restrictions, and information about the Eye of Terror campaign. In addition to the main EOT map, there are maps for the 12 Sectors/Subsectors, maps for 7 of the Systems, and a map of the Tau Empire (accessible from the Tau Empire link in the Warroom). Of the over 100 locations described throughout the map system, 49 of these are warzones where battles can be reported. The war for the Eye of Terror takes place in these 12 sectors, 23 systems, and 14 planets. Battles can be reported directly from the Campaign Maps as long as your army is not restricted from fighting in a selected warzone. If all else fails, spend a few minutes reading the tutorial which can be found on every map. Reporting Battles You can report a battle directly from the Warroom by pressing the Debriefing Room link located in the upper right corner, or you can navigate the Campaign Map system until you find a warzone that you like. Selecting a place to battle from the map system is a bit more complicated because not all locations shown on the maps are warzones. Selecting a warzone will always fill the page with valuable statistics and will cause a "Report a Battle" button to appear on the map. If the Statistics window is filled with "N/A" values, then the selected location is NOT a warzone and a battle can not be reported there. Restrictions Some armies are limited in where they can fight battles. Tyranids, for example, can not fight in the heavily defended Scarus, Cadian, and Agripinaa sectors. In addition to this, once they are available, the webway sectors (Sentinel Worlds, Eidolon, and Belial IV) are only accessible by the Eldar, Dark Eldar, Thousand Sons, and the Necrons. Of course, the Tau, can only report battles in the Tau sector of space. Debriefing Room The battle reporting process is pretty straightforward. If your opponent has registered for the Eye of Terror, entering his email address will allow him to see this battle when he accesses his Wartime Achievements page. If he is not registered, type in their name, and your battle will be reported regardless. Make sure you choose the warzone you played your game in, and the Games Workshop game you actually

played. Remember, some armies have restrictions regarding where they can play. If you make a mistake, the Debriefing Room will let you know. Well, I think that is about all we can tell you; everything else you will need to figure out by expploring the site, studying the data, and consulting your allies on the message boards. Thanks for playing in the Eye of Terror Online Campaign. Have fun!

Some of you may have, due to a server error here at Games Workshop, been unable to sign up for the newsletter that goes with the Eye of Terror membership. If you wish to make sure that you are signed up, click here. Welcome to the Eye of Terror Newsletter Issue 1. This newsletter will keep you informed about the Eye of Terror Campaign and all the goings on. First and foremost, you should check out the weekly news report from the Eye of Terror and youll learn about the strange occurrences across the Scarus and Cadian sectors. Secondly, we have some gaming scenarios that go with this weeks events! Finally, well explain how to report your battles and find Games Workshop events that are happening near you. What are you waiting for??? THE BATTLE HAS BEGUN!!! EYE OF TERROR WEEKLY SUMMARY Across the worlds of the Cadian Gate, cultists, recidivists and malcontents of all kinds are rising up against the rule of the Adeptus Terra. Over-populated Hive worlds as far apart as the Scarus and the Cadian sectors have erupted in violence, seemingly without cause. Even the higher echelons of Hive World Tabor and the naval base of Belis Corona have proven to be riven with Chaos cults. Charismatic demagogues are inciting frenzied mobs to fight the ruthless, crushing oppression inherent in the Imperium, and hundreds of thousands have heeded their seditious ravings. Assassinations and poisonings herald new eras of anarchy in key warzones, and whole supply fleets have mysteriously vanished. Nemesis Tessera, St. Josmanes Hope and Lelithar are all ravaged by insurrection. However, all across the system the backlash of those still faithful to the Imperium begins. In the panicked streets of Thracian Primaris, one man alone has succeeded in uniting the desperate citizens against the evils of chaos. The worlds of the Belis Corona system have undergone a massive recruitment drive, and priestly delegations stir up Imperial conscripts into a fever of righteous anger. Across other worlds, a more insidious threat has appeared. A virulent death-plague has claimed the lives of countless citizens, and many redemption cults have appeared, pronouncing that the only escape from its merciless clutches is to be found in self-flagellation and atonement. Those who deny this redemption are put to the sword, and countless lives have been lost as miles-high hive cities, and their inhabitants, have been immolated in the redemption cults efforts to cleanse them.

Some say that the victims of this plague do not rest peacefully, and that those struck down are returning once more, in hideous, bloated, maggot-ridden form to revisit their misery upon the living. Only those of the purest faith are said to be immune. Attacks have taken place across the region, though the identity of the invaders has yet to be confirmed. With the situation on many worlds critical, the Imperium can ill-afford an increase in Chaos attacks through the Cadian Gate. All the while, Astropaths and Navigators report nightmares and hellish visions, and foretell nought but death and destruction for the defenders of the Cadia. The Warp Storms attracted to the site of the Hive Teriax disaster have led to a massive influx of warp entities upon the fortress world, a certain precursor to invasion from Abaddons fleet. Warhammer 40,000 Contaminate! Plague Marines attempt to knock out entire hives by sabotaging vital water systems... Endgame Inquisitorial warbands face off against corrupted cult leaders in a dual to the death... Battlefleet Gothic Chance Encounter The Planet Killer is discovered and it's heading towards the Cadian system... INQUISITOR Under the Cover of Darkness An assassin is sent to take out a high-ranking Imperial officer... Epic Armageddon Planetary Rebellion Traitors ravel their true colors and time is running out for a city under siege... REPORTING BATTLES As in any battle, there are rules of engagement to be followed and the Eye of Terror Campaign is no different. Im not talking about targeting choices when your Space Marines fire off a deadly volley, but the rules and etiquette of playing battles. Below youll find some

simple guidelines about what you need to do in addition to bringing your army, dice, ruler, and books. 1) Decide on where your battle is being played. There are lots of warzones in the Eye of Terror. Before you commence battle, decide on where your battle will take place; it could be the very planet Cadia itself, or perhaps you are fighting in the Medusa sector. Wherever you decide to play, make sure youve both agreed as to where the battle is going to count. It could also spark ideas about the type of terrain or even the scenario you want to play. Cadia itself would be a great place for a Cityfight game. 2) Decide on who is going to report the battle. Most of the time, it is the winner who reports the battle. It seems to be a good convention to follow, unless the winner cant report the battle for whatever reason. It is therefore important that you both agree on who is going to report the battle. The battle result should be reported as quickly as possible. 3) Get the registration information of your opponent. If your opponent is registered, get their e:mail address and enter it when asked / this makes sure your opponent gets credit for his battles. If your opponent hasnt registered yet, make sure you get their e:mail address and use that, so that when they do register, they will have battles already in the system. At the very last resort, you can enter their name instead of an e:mail address. HOW TO REPORT YOUR BATTLES Reporting battles is very easy, you can either report a battle from your War Room using the Debriefing link (its in the upper right-hand corner) or from the Campaign Maps using the Report a Battle links (located in the lower left-hand corner). Once you are on the Report a Battle page, simply fill in the information about your game and you are all done. If you have problems reporting, please email: EOTproblems@games-workshop.com WHEN WILL THE RESULTS BE UPDATED? You will notice in the top right hand corner of your war room a clock that is ticking; this is current Imperial Time. The percentage results for each planet/sector will be updated when the clock goes back to zero after 24 hours, make sure you revisit the site to see the effects of the previous days battles! EVENTS, ROADSHOWS AND CLUBS Eye of Terror Events in Clubs Many of the larger Gaming Clubs from across the UK are planning some events for the Eye of Terror Campaign. Dark Tempest An Eye of Terror National Roadshow! This summer our National Eye of Terror roadshow will be visiting over 60 locations around the UK.

For more UK specific information on the Eye of Terror go to: http://www.games-workshop.com/news/uk/EOT/Site/Index.htm THE STORY SO FAR... With every world within a thousand light years of the Eye of Terror now embroiled in a war that has already claimed countless billions of lives, a new and unexpected faction has taken a hand in events. The ever-elusive ships of the enigmatic Eldar have been sighted by the crew of Imperial Navy vessels, and by troopers on the ground across at least a dozen sectors. In the depths of interstellar space, Eldar ships have reportedly intervened in desperate battles between the Imperial Navy and the Chaos invaders, on occasion providing aid to Imperial ships and allowing them egress to the webway portals as they did in the Gothic War, and at other times attacking them without provocation. The dark cousins of the Eldar prey on the lesser worlds of the Cadian sector and have even taken slaves on the feral world of Medusa. It is even rumoured that the legendary Harlequins have been sighted on the battlefields of Agripinaa and Scelus. As ever with the mercurial Eldar race, their motivations are as alien as they are unpredictable. More disturbing still are the rumours of Chaos Space Marines appearing from nowhere on the pleasure world of Belisimar, and the intervention of shimmering metallic warriors in almost every warzone of the Thracian Primaris system. Bizarrely, the rumours correlate on one fact alone: the Necrons are fighting alongside the forces of the Imperium, not against them. This unholy alliance is the only factor halting a full-scale insurgence across the worlds of the Scarus sector. The Imperium has long been aware that the Eldar of the Ulthwe craftworld maintain a strong presence in the vicinity of the Eye. Though little is known of their ways, it is widely believed that they ultimately work towards the downfall of the Great Enemy. This opinion has been reinforced by the appearance of small numbers of black-clad Eldar turning the tide of battle in crucial battlezones before disappearing once more into the ether. Upon the worlds of the Cadian Gate too the Eldar have been sighted. The Black Guardians of Ulthwe have taken a hand in a number of battles, appearing unexpectedly and without any warning upon the surface of planets thought distant from any Eldar activity. Upon Belis Corona, Eldar Strike Forces have freed Imperial Navy ground crews from the Chaos legions beleaguering them, although there are reports from the Cadian system of the Eldar falling upon themselves in fits of madness, from the Agripinaa sector of their attacking an Ultramarines Honour Company, and also of their ghost-ships harbouring daemons.

The Imperium, as ever, view the aliens with extreme mistrust and hatred. Despite this, and though the motives of the mysterious Eldar remain unknown, many within the upper echelons of the Imperium pray that their actions tip the balance in this, humanitys darkest hour in many thousands of years. CAMPAIGN NEWS The Imperium Stops Chaos Invasion of St. Josmane's Hope A Chaos inspired insurrection amongst the convicts of St. Josmane's Hope succeeded in gaining temporary control of the world. A vicious Imperial counter offensive subsequently succeeded in liberating parts of the world but with the arrival of Chaos reinforcements retaking the place has become untenable and Imperial forces have been all but annihilated. In order to deny a forward base to the ruinous powers Ursarkar Creed requested SJH be purged by overloading its generatorium grid to create a seismic event of catastrophic proportions. As such St. Josmane's Hope was subject to exterminatus 24 hours after the evacuation notice was given. Imperials Dig in for the Long Haul in Besieged Cadia System Despite the loss of St. Josmane's Hope, the warriors of the Imperium continue to push back the invading forces of Chaos and their dark allies. Now that SJH is no longer the target of choice for the Forces of Disorder, Solar Mariatus has become the new campaign hot spot. Rumors have it that Ursarkar Creed has ordered this last planet of the Cadia system be more heavily fortified after the lessons learned at St. Josmane's Hope. Time-Space Distortions Detected The Waywatcher, a small Imperial scout fleet passing through the Setvan system, noted elevated levels of tachyon emissions in a number of locations they visited. Probes were being prepared to be sent out to investigate the anomalous readings, but the mission was scrubbed when a large Chaos attack fleet emerged from the Warp and the Waywatcher vessels had to leave the vicinity. A cross reference of the Imperial databanks finds similarly heightened readings in systems of the Belial IV and Eidolon sub-sectors. EYE OF TERROR EVENT CARDS The following event cards were played in Week 2. If you have an event card and are unsure how to play it, contact your country representative. (Info should be with your card) Fear Denies Faith This card affects the Imbrium, Gudrun, and Lethe Eleven Systems in favor of the Forces of Disorder. The shock troops of the Night Lords sew confusion and terror across the Scarus sector, cutting communications and hanging the corpses of their victims from every building. Even the strongest in faith find their confidence shattered when they are forced into an existence of solitude, darkness and confusion. The Feasting of Lucius This card affects the Systems of the Cadia Sector in favor of the Forces of Disorder. Lucius the Eternal, favoured son of Slaanesh, has led his Emperors Children to the Cadian sector. The planet they have descended upon, Belisar, has been plunged into total war, with much of its population captured, enslaved or worse. It is rumoured that the Emperors

Children stage unholy feasts with their shackled and screaming captives first as guests, and subsequently as the main course. He Who Has Nothing Can Still Have Hope This card affects Ulthor and the other planets of the Agrapinaa System in favor of the Forces of Order. Despite the ruthless slaughter wreaked upon the Agripinaa sector by the Chaos Legions, the spirit of the Imperium remains strong. One among the common people, Regu Hane, is hallowed as a Saint after single-handedly driving back a wave of bloodthirsty daemons of Khorne. The Enemy Within This card affects Demois Binary in favor of the Forces of Disorder. As the Grand Fleet of the Despoiler closes on Imperial defences, an unseen enemy within the ranks of the Demios Binary forces reveals his hand. The orbital defence platforms are sabotaged, rendered inoperable and helpless in the face of the invasion. Domination of the Strongest This card affects the planets in the Thracian Primaris system in favor of the Forces of Disorder. As the forces of Abaddon the Despoiler pour out of the Eye of Terror the Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes are the first to respond. Those near the battlefront hurl themselves into combat, those further away marshal their forces and prepare to voyage to the war. Before they can embark however detached elements of the Alpha Legion land on a dozen or more worlds demanding to face the weakling servants of the dead Emperor. Unable to decline such blatant challenges several Chapters are drawn into pointless battle with the Alpha Legion, thereby delaying them critically. Lockheart's Last Stand This card affects Belisar in favor of the Forces of Order. Imperial forces are bolstered by the heroic three day defence of Weykand Gap at Belisar in the Cadian Sector. Captain Lockheart and his men succeeded in delaying Titans of the Legio Vulcanum long enough for the rest of the 80th Thracian to escape encirclement and obliteration by the Chaos War machines. Men everywhere are heartened by the story of one man making such a difference in these dark times. Wolf Pack This card affects Subiaco Diablo in favor of the Forces of Order. Imperial Strategos have accurately predicted the whereabouts of a large flotilla of Chaos transports and Admiral Quarren leads a strike force to Subiaco Diablo to destroy it before it can take part in the war. SCENARIOS Each week, well be bringing you scenarios that follow the weeks events. Take a look here for whats in store for you this week. You can find all the previous weeks scenarios here! WARHAMMER 40,000

Harlequin Assault For countless centuries, the Harlequins have been the masters of the webway... Mysterious Alliance Deep in the Scarus sector a full scale insurgence of Chaos has taken place... BATTLEFLEET GOTHIC Assistance from the Void A Chaos fleet thought to have abandoned the immediate sector of Chinchare is instead found raiding a space hulk... INQUISITOR Dark Scavengers As the Cadian resistance buckles under the pressure of invasion, infiltrators invariably creep forward amongst the ruins... EPIC ARMAGEDDON The Price has yet to be Paid... As his jetbike topped the ridge, Farseer Ehl'Rath grinned ferociously... BATTLE LIMIT CHANGED To reduce the temptation to enter false battle reports in hopes of promotion, the Inquisition has reduced the battle limit to 3 reports/day. This change took effect on Day 9 of the campaign. Need to play more than 3 times/day? Why not go to the nearest Games Workshop Hobby Center or your local game store. GW stores submit battles to the campaign, and so will participating games stores if you ask them nicely. EYE OF TERROR UK NEWS Find out all the latest UK specific news for the Eye of Terror campaign check out the stand alone news page! Facts: Total battles fought: 119,210 Total registered users: 43,340 Eye of Terror UK Events The Dark Tempest campaign rolls into town near you! This weeks locations are: 22nd July - Hammicks Bookshop, Oldham 23rd July - Games Workshop Aberdeen 26th July - Games Workshop Edinburgh, Nottingham, Kingstone and Cardiff 31st July - Waterstones, Manchester For more information on the Dark Tempest Roadshow click here!

Eye of Terror Online Shopping Get your hands on Codex: Eye of Terror and the armies that go with it at the UK Online Store. THE WAR CONTINUES... The terrible conflict of the Thirteenth Black Crusade has entered a new phase, and a new theatre. The Eldar webway- the most secret realm of the Eldar race through which the length of the galaxy can be traversed in but a single step has been penetrated, invaded by intruders bent on nothing less than the uncovering of its most dreadful secrets. Ahriman, the Chief Librarian of the Thousand Sons Traitor Legion has gained access to the webway. For millennia, this practitioner of the darkest of arts has sought this prize, and seeks to fathom the route to the Black Library, the repository of the sum of all knowledge held by the Eldar race on the subject of Chaos, and watched over by guardians too terrible to imagine. Such is the desperation of the situation that these guardians have taken an active role in the defence of their realm, for the webway itself twists and splits like a live thing wherever Ahriman and his followers tread. Rumours of warp-beasts the size of battleships bolstering Ahrimans forces have implications too terrifying to contemplate. In response to Ahrimans intrusion, the Eldar have launched a massive counter-attack, the force of which belies their woefully low numbers. The activities of the Ulthwe Strike Forces have increased beyond measure, and a desperate running battle is being fought across the webway and upon the surfaces of worlds that harbour entrances to it. As a consequence, worlds within the Eye of Terror itself are being fought over, as previously sealed entrances to the Webway are unsealed in the battle for dominance. Eidolon and Belial are two such places, Daemonworlds long ago lost to the Eldar race at the very fall of their empire ten millennia past, and now vital to the survival of their race. It has been rumoured one of the Immortal Phoenix Lords is leading the Eldar forces across the crone worlds of the Belial IV system, and that ancient Eldar artefacts have been unearthed by the Great Enemy. Whilst the Eldar war in the labyrinth dimensions, other forces join the fray. The legendary Thirteenth Company of the Space Wolves, thought lost to the warp after the scourging of Prospero ten millennia ago, have emerged in force into the Cadian sector. The Word Bearers build blood-soaked shrines and dark cathedrals to better summon their daemonic allies and taint nearby stars with warp energy. Tzeentchian cults and covens reveal themselves across the Agripinaa sector, the better to distract the Imperium from their masters true quest. The cruel Dark Eldar too now play a part in the war, for it is said their shadow-realm of Commorragh lies deep within the uncharted regions of the Webway. They have struck out across the Medusan sub-sector and across the Cadian system itself. The Relictors and Dark

Angels Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes have already fought back several Kabals of Dark Eldar, but it is feared they were merely the vanguard of Comorraghs forces. Though they fight for the love of killing and slavery and not through any altruistic ideals of aiding the other participants in the war, the actions of the Dark Eldar can only benefit the forces of Abaddon the Despoiler. CAMPAIGN NEWS The Defence of Cadia Following the evacuation and subsequent destruction of Saint Josmane's Hope in order to deny the forces of the Despoiler a forward staging point, Imperium defenders initially rallied well, falling back in good order to key points in the Cadian system. Imperial morale was bolstered by a bold series of counter attacks, but these successes were to prove short-lived, and the Despoiler has committed yet more of his diabolical forces to the Cadian system. With the Forces of Disorder now fully committed to the Siege of Cadia, the beleaguered defenders can only pray help arrives soon, before all is lost. Raiders The implacable warriors of the Necrontyr have been sighted across the Thracian Primaris system, and initial reports suggested they were fighting towards the same common goal as the Imperium's defenders. In recent battles however, the situation has changed, and the deadly weapons of the ancient race have been turned upon the Imperium. Though none can fathom the aims and objectives of the Necrontyr, some believe they can only be acting upon the capricious whim of a truly mad god. For the Greater Good With the Imperium committing more and more resources towards the defence of the Cadian Gate, reports from the eastern rim of Ultima Segmentum suggest the Tau Empire is using this time when the Imperium's eyes are elsewhere to strengthen, and even expand their own domains. Though the xenos are yet to threaten Imperial worlds, and are largely expanding into uncontested Wilderness space, Imperial Stategios keep one wary eye on the Tau empire, lest they use this time of conflict and uncertainty to their own advantage, to the eternal cost of the Imperium. EYE OF TERROR EVENT CARDS The following event cards were played in Week 3. If you have an event card and are unsure how to play it, contact your country representative. (Info should be with your card) The Damned This card affects the Belis Corona System in favor of the Forces of Order. The reports of the forces of the Ulthw craftworld entering the system prove to be true, and across the entire Belis Corona sector Strike Forces of Black Guardians pour from nowhere into the heart of hotly contested battlezones. They punch into the Chaos battlelines right at the crux of each battle, turning a stalemate into a victory and a victory into a rout. The Scions of Darkness This card affects Vigilatum and Kasr Partox in favor of the Forces of Disorder. Dark Eldar erupt into the webway from the black city of Comorragh, intent on enslaving the Mon-Keigh and aiding the destruction of the Cadian system into the bargain. They strike at

night, making off with the young, the weak and the wounded; the screams of their victims are often the only indication of their presence. The Dance of Death This card affects Agrapinaa planet in favor of the Forces of Order. Help arrives from the most unexpected quarter when several troupes of Harlequins arrive through the webway on the tails of an Ulthw Strike Force. With the aid of their alien cousins, the surgical strike that typifies Ulthws military actions instead turns into a full-scale slaughter. The Path of the Radical This card affects Nemesis tessera in favor of the Forces of Disorder. Inquisitor Van Hel has long walked the path of the Horusian, a school of thought within the Inquisition that harbours the believe that Horus was correct in his belief that he could enslave the power of Chaos, but was ultimately weak in that he allowed it to enslave him. Now the fate of Horus is repeated in Van Hel, and the Chaotician has been seduced by the whispered promises of the Ruinous Powers. Through his actions in his research stations upon Nemesis Tessera, Abaddons cause can only be furthered. Words Just Remembered This card affects the planet Cadia in favor of the Forces of Disorder. In the past Eldar warriors have often reported being attacked by disturbing waking dreams during encounters with Sorcerers of Tzeentch. In the early days of the 13th Black Crusade these reports took on a more sinister aspects. When viewed from the Cadian Sector, the Ocular Terribus took on a different hue for several days, a phenomenon regarded as a dire portent by the Farseers of Ulthwe. The phenomenon was indeed an ill sign. A subtle Tzeentchian power was able to plant post-hypnotic suggestions in its victims. Throughout the craftworld of Ulthwe and other Eldar ships in the Cadian Sector, a number of Eldar who witnessed the change in the Eye performed diabolical acts of madness, sabotage, and murder. It is fortunate that Eldar minds are strong and relatively few have succumbed to the spell... The Scions of Erebus This card affects Malin's Reach in favor of the Forces of Disorder. Agents of the Apostate Lord Erebus of the Wordbearer Legion draw the Ultramarines Honour company and an Ulthwe Strike force to Malins Reach in the Agrapinna sector with rumours that their sworn foe Erebus himself has been sighted moving against that system. Open warfare breaks out between the Space Marines and the Eldar, and Chaos forces strike elsewhere as they fight amongst themselves. Erebus is not found. Unexpected Allies This card affects Gudrun in favor of the Forces of Order. Eldar ships in the vicinity of Gudrun have intercepted and destroyed the vanguard of a Chaos fleet moving towards the rimward flank of Cadia. Their seers have allowed ships from Battlefleet Obscurus to make use of their warp gates to mobilise fleet assets to meet this attack. Ancient Evil Awakens This card affects Thracian Primaris and Elnaur Delta in favor of the Forces of Order. One of the Sentinel Words, previously thought to be dead, rustles with the dead scrape of grave vestments as the gleaming silver warriors of the Necrontyr emerge from underground

tombs and take to the stars. Imperial forces in battle nearby fear the worst, but the Necron warriors fall upon the Chaos foe instead. SCENARIOS Each week, well be bringing you scenarios that follow the weeks events. Take a look below for whats in store for you this week. http://www.games-workshop.com/eot/scenarios/ WARHAMMER 40,000 Ahriman Treads the Webway While Abaddon pushes towards Cadia in an attempt to take the Imperial world, Ahirman continues his quest to attain the knowledge and lore that lies within the the Black Library... http://www.games-workshop.com/eot/40kweek4a/ Race Against Time A unit belonging to one of the two opposing sides which is occupying a vital building has been cut off and isolated... http://www.games-workshop.com/eot/40kweek4b/ BATTLEFLEET GOTHIC Titanic Manifestations of the Warp Above a Crone world in the Eidolon System, colossal creatures of the warp as larger than starships have been summoned to stem the flow of Arhiman's intrusion into the webway... http://www.games-workshop.com/eot/bfgweek4/ INQUISITOR Shadows of Future Past The Farseer raised his masked face towards Alethian, and whispered "Kinsman, I have sensed your end amongst the Mon-Keigh, and the loss of Isha's Gift amongst the brambles... http://www.games-workshop.com/eot/inqweek4/ EPIC ARMAGEDDON Battle for the Warpgate http://www.games-workshop.com/eot/epicweek4/ EYE OF TERROR UK NEWS Find out all the latest UK specific news for the Eye of Terror campaign check out the stand alone news page at: http://www.games-workshop.com/eot/news/ Stats

# of battles fought: 161,432 # of registered users: 38,371 Eye of Terror Events in the UK The Dark Tempest road show keeps on coming! This weeks locations are: 1st August - Trinder, Banbury, Oxfordshire 2nd August - Games Workshop Metro, Leicester, Ipswich & Bristol. For more information go to: http://www.games-workshop.com/eot/events/ Eye of Terror Online Shopping Get your hands on Codex: Eye of Terror and the armies that go with it at: http://www.games-workshop.com/eot/shop/ THE BATTLE FOR SPACE INTENSIFIES ... The Imperial Navy, for long weeks forced to fight a desperate holding action against the seemingly endless waves of Chaos vessels, has been reinforced. A fleet the size of which has not been seen since the end of the Gothic War eight centuries earlier has been dispatched from Cypra Mundi, and is now staging at Belis Corona in preparation for a massive counter-push into the Cadian Gate. The arrival of this vast armada has allowed those vessels that have been fighting continuously since the beginning of the invasion a brief respite. Severely depleted ships companies are bolstered through indiscriminate pressganging, and hasty repairs and refits are undertaken on those vessels most in need of them. The reinforcements have been split into battlegroups, each tasked with bolstering the defences in a specific sector. The regions around the Eye of Terror encompass many millions of cubic light years, and only by the concentrated application of resources in those areas in most desperate need can the Imperial Navy hope to make inroads and slow, stall, and eventually repel the Chaos fleets plaguing the region. If the Imperial Navy can gain the upper hand in the conflict, it is hoped Abaddon will soon find his forces cut off from aid and reinforcement. Although Ork mercenaries have reportedly joined the fray, and the Eldar fleets have been drawn away by the presence of Abaddons captured Blackstone Fortresses, the iron fist of the Imperium is slowly being brought to bear. Ancient defence laser batteries upon Demios Binary combine with programs of orbital bombardment on Laurentix and Setvan to harry the servants of Chaos wherever they are to be found. Admiral Quarren himself has succeeded time and time again in defeating Chaos fleets many times the size of his own, allowing reinforcements to enter the fray around the fortress world. A massive influx of reinforcements in the Scelus sector has penetrated the Chaos blockade of ships and minefields, and in the Belis Corona system the entirety of Battlefleet

Gothic has stormed into the fray. The daemonic mine-creatures sewn across the battlefront accounted for only a few of their number, and now the fleet has the opportunity to avenge their losses it suffered in the Gothic War at the hands of Abaddons own fleet. If the relentless momentum of the Thirteenth Black Crusade can be slowed for just a short time, then the defenders on the ground will have a real chance of victory. The Imperial Navy has gambled all on this sector-wide retaliation, and should it fail, Battlefleet Obscurus will be so weakened that only the redeployment of fleets across the whole Imperium will hold any hope of holding back Abaddons invasion. BATTLES VS. WHO IS WINNING IN A WARZONE We've received a lot of e-mail and read many posts on the forums from folks who are asking why their side is losing in a warzone when they have more wins reported than the other side. Others have asked for the "formula" used to calculate the IC% so they can check that the campaign is not rigged. Here's the comprehensive answer to these questions. It is impossible to give a formula for IC% based upon wins, because not all wins are worth the same amount (that's crazy!). A win against a registered player is worth twice as much as a win against a non-registered player (anti-cheater mechanism). Also, your second and third battles reported in a single day are not worth as much as your first (again, one of the many mechanisms built into the system to cut down the impact of cheaters). Also, don't forget about the event cards. There are 100+ event cards out there that can alter a warzone's IC% by 5% or can make all battles in a day worth twice as much. Thus far, FOD has played more of their cards. Were not sure why FOO cards are not being played as much. Another reason wins do not correspond to IC% is the impact of event battles. Battles reported through GTs, Rogue Trader Tournaments, GW Hobby Centers, and participating retail stores are worth their full undiluted amount with no reduction for playing an unregistered opponent or number of battles per day. These battles are not worth 10 times as much as rumored. However, it still pays to play in GW events. Finally, there is a knock-on effect within systems (and sectors). All planets in a system fall by a set amount when one planet in the same system falls below a "certain level" (which works the same way going up). If you look carefully at the maps, you should be able to figure out what these "certain levels" are. The crushing of St. Josmane's Hope dropped all planets in the Cadia system by this set amount three times on its way to 0%. Unfortunately, these planets can't be raised by St. Josmane's Hope going back up to 60%, as it was blown up (in a spontaneous change to storyline to make things exciting). If Vigilatum (currently at 8%, with no plans of being blown up) gets pushed to 25%, all planets in the system will benefit. One other thing to mention about this topic is that only one knock-on effect in each direction can be initiated in a system (or sector) per day. If this were not the case, we would see "cascade effects" where all warzones in a system wildly swung up or down based upon one warzone crossing a threshold point. Example of Undesirable Cascade Effect: Planet Cadia passed a threshold value and pushed all planets in the system up by X% (let's say 5%). This is enough to push Kasr Sonnen past a threshold and thus all planets (including Cadia) get another 5%. This pushed a third, Solar

Mariatus, past a threshold value and all planets again benefit by another 5%. So far Vigilatum has increased by 15% without a battle even being fought there! Under this method, a system with many planets can swing from complete Imperial control to total Chaotic anarchy (or vice versa) in one day. No one wants this. One final note. The campaign is not rigged. There are many, many mechanisms built into it to offset/reduce the impact of false battle reporting. Without these built-in failsafes, the campaign would be a total sham, and players would have quit after 2 days because cheaters had destroyed it. There are no predetermined final values for the warzones. St. Josmane's Hope was not scheduled for detonation; it just sounded like a neat idea when it went to 0% IC. The GW employees who run the campaign and who designed it are gaming geeks whose number one desire is that this campaign be fun and cool. With the exception of a number of technical problems, I think it is succeeding on both fronts. Ken (GW-Harper) CAMPAIGN NEWS Number of total battles: 197,674 Total people registered: 43,493 The Tides of War On every world of the Cadian system, there is only war. Vigilatum is all but lost to the unholy servants of the Ruinous Powers, though a small rearguard, previously thought annihilated holds out there yet, boldly defending the Naval Tac Logis facility. Solar Mariatus too is sorely pressed by the hordes of the Despoiler, and Cadian High Command has ordered the world reinforced, lest its output of munitions and other materiel essential to the ongoing war effort be lost- a blow the beleaguered defenders can ill afford. With Imperial Navy reinforcements inbound, the defenders of Cadia must hold out just a little while longer... Warnings Ursarkar Creed has been hailed by many as the most able Imperial Guard commander since the legendary Lord Solar Macharius, yet many observers have noted that his sub-commanders have not proved themselves quite so capable. So sudden and mobile has the Despoiler's invasion proved that many commanders at a system and planetary level have simply been unable to coordinate their actions, and are reacting to the enemy's attacks rather than dictating their own terms of battle. Creed has issued stern orders to his subordinates- take the initiative at a planetary level, or fall. The choice is that simple. The Secrets of Caliban The enigmatic heretic known as 'The Voice' has been broadcasting all-channel voxes for much of the conflict, and has recently stepped up the intensity of his verbal attacks upon the honour of the Dark Angels and the Unforgiven Chapters, challenging them to defend the ruins of Caliban, and claiming he will soon reveal the dark secrets hidden there. How the sons of the Lion will react to such blatant provocation is unclear, though whatever their reaction, it is sure to be swift and bloody. The Green Kroosade With the forces of Chaos overwhelming every world within the vicinity of the Eye of Terror, a large force of Orks has taken advantage of the state of anarchy threatening many systems, and launched an all out attack upon the worlds of the Scarus Sector. This 'Green Kroosade' is

remarkably well coordinated for an Ork invasion, and has succeeded in grinding down the defences of several worlds, notably Lethe Eleven. The Black Templars have diverted a number of fighting companies to oppose them, lest they gather into a fully-fledged Waaagh! EYE OF TERROR EVENT CARDS The following event cards were played in Week 4. If you have an event card and are unsure how to play it, contact your country representative. (Info should be with your card) The Cult of the Red Cyclops This card affects Morten's Quay in favor of the Forces of Disorder. An entire continent on Mortens Quay has been infected by a doomsday cult known as the Cult of the Red Cyclops. They believe that at the legendary Ninth Hour they will be joined by the Feathered God incarnate and his armoured knights, who will pour forth from the Labyrinth Dimension. That hour has come. Etheric Collapse This card affects the Chinchare in favor of the Forces of Disorder. The dark sorceries of Ahriman and his Thousand Sons twist the thin tunnels of the webway over the Chinchare sub-sector, ripping vast lesions in the fabric of the webway dimension and rendering entire sections unusable. Several Strike Forces of Ulthw Eldar are plunged into limbo, or worse, into the warp itself. Far Seeing This card affects Xersia in favor of the Forces of Order. Increased Eldar activity in the Xersia system draws the attentions of the Relictors Chapter of Space Marines. They purge the system with fire and sword, slaughtering three entire Kabals of Dark Eldar intent on enslaving Xersias civilian population. Raiders This card affects Medusa in favor of the Forces of Disorder. With the invasion raging across light years of space, a new foe has joined the war. Striking deep behind enemy lines, dragging prisoners off into the night, the Dark Eldar have added their efforts to the forces of disorder on the Feral world of Medusa. Imperial Strategios fear these attacks could tip the balance in the sector, as withdrawing troops from the front to deal with the new threat will leave Imperial forces dangerously under strength. In the Company of Wolves This card affects the planets in the Cadian system in favor of the Forces of Order. On the bleak mining world of Ormantep a fierce battle rages between warriors of the Black Legion and strange wolf-like warriors bearing markings not dissimilar to the Space Wolves Rapid Strike This card affects Chinchare in favor of the Forces of Order. Beleaguered Imperial forces are suddenly and decisively aided by black and bone armoured Eldar emerging from shimmering warp portals upon the world of Balzac. Vanishing without a word, these mysterious benefactors ask nothing in return for their aid. Secrets of the Black Library This card affects the Belial IV sub-sector in favor of the Forces of Order.

The desperation of the situation facing Ulthwe is such that the Guardians of the Black Library reveal to them the runes that will open many sealed paths of the Webway. The danger of these paths is great but the opportunity for achieving surprise is such that the risk may be worth it. SCENARIOS Each week, well be bringing you scenarios that follow the weeks events. Take a look below for whats in store for you this week. http://www.games-workshop.com/eot/scenarios/ WARHAMMER 40,000 Talismans of Vaul Through the culmination of ancient knowledge, an Eldar strike force has managed to infiltrate the secret inner workings of a Blackstone Fortress in hopes of activating it's Control Pylons... http://www.games-workshop.com/eot/40kweek5a/ BATTLEFLEET GOTHIC Above Belis Corona A massive influx of Imperial reinforcements are making their way to the Belis Corona System from Cypra Mundi. Although this regrouping effort can't be stopped, it can be hindered. http://www.games-workshop.com/eot/bfgweek5a/ Daemon Blocade Reinforcements en route to the Belis Corona and Scelus sectors find themselves having to penetrate various Chaos blockades. This is risky business indeed. http://www.games-workshop.com/eot/bfgweek5b/ EYE OF TERROR UK NEWS Find out all the latest UK specific news for the Eye of Terror campaign check out the stand alone news page at: http://www.games-workshop.com/eot/news/ Eye of Terror Events in the UK The Dark Tempest road show keeps on coming! This weeks locations are: August 5th: Giles Sports and Toys (Carterton) Replay Games (Co Down) August 6th: Byte Size (Ashton-under-lyne) World of Wonder (Minehead) Minehead Toys & Models (Minehead) August 7th: Hammicks Bookshop (Bracknell)

August 8th: Austins (Newton) Gamers Realm (Co Galway) Wight World of Wargames (Isle of Wight) Esdevium Games (Aldershot) August 9th: Games Workshop Leeds, Milton Keynes, Hammersmith and Oxford August 11th: Cyberdyne (Stroud) The Gathering (Limerick) For more information go to: http://www.games-workshop.com/eot/events/ Eye of Terror Online Shopping Get your hands on Codex: Eye of Terror and the armies that go with it at: http://www.games-workshop.com/eot/shop/ After many long weeks of beleaguered, stubborn resistance, the defenders of the Cadian Gate have been reinforced by the combined forces of dozens of Space Marine Chapters. This crusade has been gathered from the most distant regions, answering the call to arms issued when the forces of the Despoiler first commenced their invasions. The Space Marine crusade has been greeted with adulation and joy by the battered and bloody defenders. Those Space Marines who have fought at the gate since the beginning have been joined by their brethren, and now stand ready to take the fight to the enemy with the courage and conviction that only a Space Marine can display. The simmering rivalries between the Space Wolves and the Dark Angels stationed in the Sentinel Worlds sector are eclipsed by the alleged Fallen sighting near the ruins of Caliban, and the rumours of an artefact of Russ held at Nemesis Tessera. The Blood Angels, after their arrival on Kasr Partox, are preparing for the assault of the largest horde of World Eaters seen in living memory. Typhus, the Herald of Nurgle, takes a personal hand in the battle for Macharia, teleporting in and slaughtering platoon after platoon of Cadians before returning to his flagship. His gift of fear infects the Cadian ranks even quicker than the plagues he spreads with his mere presence. Lord Inquisitor Coteaz has entered the Agripinnaa system, fresh from his efforts against the daemon incursion on Nemesis Tessera, and his flagship is primed with bay after bay of cyclonic torpedoes. Meanwhile, in the Eye of Terror itself, the Eldar find aid from the most unexpected of sources; the ghosts of their past. With so many Space Marines now bolstering the defence, the forces of the Traitor Legions have not been idle. The Chaos rearguard joins the fray, engaging the Space Marines in every theatre of war. Those who turned upon their master and their kin

ten millennia past are consumed with hatred for their erstwhile brothers, and have thrown themselves at the new arrivals with wanton bloodlust. With such legendary warriors as the Blood Angels, the Black Templars, the Imperial Fists, the Howling Griffons, the White Scars and many more chapters now standing before Abaddons invasion, the Imperium can at long last see a real chance of turning back the Thirteenth Black Crusade. CAMPAIGN NEWS *** Campaign Ends: End of Day 57 (August 31st) *** Deliverance With the defenders of Cadia hard pressed on all fronts, Ursarkar Creed has issued word that a great crusade of Adeptus Astartes is but days away from reinforcing them. Creed's united Command Council has taken a firm hand on the varied forces under its control, finally managing to coordinate the efforts of over a thousand regiments from worlds many light years apart, many of which do not even speak the same language as one another. Though much work remains to be done to stem the tide of the invaders, with a coherent command structure now in place, and Creed firmly in supreme control, the defenders of Cadia know that if they can hold out just a little while longer, deliverance may at last be at hand. The Talismans Scattered and panicked reports of Abaddon moving the so-called Blackstone Fortresses into the Cadian system have been greeted with scepticism by many, and abject terror by others. Only a handful of individuals in the Imperium are aware of the full extent of the power contained within these gargantuan engines of planetary, even solar destruction, and these men are taking every step to prepare for the inevitable defeat of the Imperium should their full, horrifying potential be brought to bear. Crisis at Agripinaa With the Imperium's defence of the Cadian Gate focused upon the vital worlds of the Cadian system, other sectors find themselves facing the full might of the Despoiler's invasion with little hope of reinforcement. Almost every world in this lynchpin sector has seen its defences ground down, and even the mighty defences of the fortified Hives of Agripinaa itself have begun to buckle under the relentless pressure. The War in the Webway With the war for the Cadian Gate raging across a thousand worlds, another front has been the site of bitter struggle, quite unknown to the multitudes fighting and dying upon the worlds of the Cadian Gate. The Eldar Webway, that ancient network of secret passages linking worlds many light years apart, has been breached by the forces of disorder in the form of the Thousand Sons Traitor Legion, and the Eldar's cruel kin, the Dark Eldar. So grievous is the threat that the relentless warriors of Ahriman, Chief Librarian of the Thousand Sons may gain access to the Black Library, the most secret repository of arcane knowledge hidden at the very centre of the Webway, that the Eldar have thrown all their might into repelling the intruders. Unknown to the 'lesser races' waging war around the Eye, the Eldar are winning their own war, through supreme courage and sacrifice, against a threat so terrible that the entire galaxy will never even know it existed. The Green Krusade rumbles On The Ork invasion of the Scarus sector continues apace, despite the intervention of the Black

Templars Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes. Imperial strategios believe the barbaric xenos are intent upon the capture of the Mordax Prime system, perhaps hoping to secure themselves a permanent base there, from which none will be able to dislodge them once the current war is resolved. The Forge worlds situated in the Mordax system are vital to the entire sector, and so it remains to be seen whether the Imperium will be able to spare the resources to dislodge the Orks should they gain a serious foothold on the system. *** Campaign Ends: End of Day 57 (August 31st) *** EYE OF TERROR EVENT CARDS The following event cards were played in Week 6. If you have an event card and are unsure how to play it, contact your country representative. (Info should be with your card Storm Break This card affects the Agrapinaa in favor of the Forces of Disorder. Card Description: The flaring edges of Warp Storm Baphomael roar and seethe with unnatural life, making warp travel extremely dangerous and unpredictable. Kharn's Rampage This card affects Tabor in favor of the Forces of Disorder. Card Description: Kharn the Betrayer has been unleashed upon a Hive World in the Agripinaa Sector, and his count of skulls taken is rising into the tens of thousands. It seems that nothing can stop him, and more and more servants of Khorne follow in his wake, drawn by the scent of indiscriminate slaughter. The Blood of Martyrs is the Seed of the Imperium This card affects Belisar and Demios Binary in favor of the Forces of Order. Card Description: Above the Cadian sector the forces of the Imperial Navy fight desperately to fend off the predations of an inbound Dark Eldar fleet. Despite being desperately outmatched, the Imperial fleet causes catastrophic damage on the delicate ships of the Dark Eldar, giving their lives in the process. Creed of Cadia This card affects the planet Cadia in favor of the Forces of Order. Card Description: The Lord Castellan of Cadia, Ursarkar E. Creed, takes advantage of the warp storms raging around the Cadian system to shift troops from planet to planet with no fear of new enemy forces attacking the worlds he strips of defenders. Building his forces he then launches a series of offensives that catch the forces of disorder of balance. What is Best in Life? This card affects all planets in the Cadian system in favor of the Forces of Order. Card Description: Jubal Khan, Great Khan of the White Scars has led five brotherhoods of his Chapter to war. No Space Marine delights in war like the White Scars. Across the entire war front the forces of disorder are beset by lightning raids, hit and run attacks and full-bloodied savagery. The Talismans of Vaul II This card affects planet Macharia and planets in the Cadia system in favor of the Forces of Order.

Card Description: Abaddon has deployed every weapon at his disposal in order to take Cadia, including the legendary Blackstone Fortresses. These massive space stations, known as the Talismans of Vaul to the Eldar, attract the graceful spacecraft of the ancient alien race in unprecedented numbers, falling on these outlying sections of the Chaos fleet to the exclusion of all else. *** Campaign Ends: End of Day 57 (August 31st) *** SCENARIOS Each week, well be bringing you scenarios that follow the weeks events. Take a look below for whats in store for you this week. http://www.games-workshop.com/eot/scenarios/ WARHAMMER 40,000 Detonate the Reactor Ramilies Class Starforts represent a major deterrent to any would be invader. On the other hand however, they could be captured, and in time be used against the Imperium! http://www.games-workshop.com/eot/40kweek7a/ Typhus Taints Macharia Through intelligence reports, it has been discovered that Typhus will be leading a massive orbital drop onto the planet Macharia. The region the filthy traitor has chosen to drop into is barren and of no strategic importance. http://www.games-workshop.com/eot/40kweek7b/ INQUISITOR On the Trail of Batezu For some time Inquisitor Mathias has tracked a servant of darkness, Chaos Magus Batezu, through the Agripinaa sector. http://www.games-workshop.com/eot/inqweek7/ EPIC ARMAGEDDON Iron Steeds Imperial forces bring the forces of Disorder to battle on the fields surrounding Kasr Slauten in a massive armored engagement. http://www.games-workshop.com/eot/epicweek7/ EYE OF TERROR UK NEWS Find out all the latest UK specific news for the Eye of Terror campaign check out the stand alone news page at: http://www.games-workshop.com/eot/news/ Eye of Terror Events in the UK

The Dark Tempest hits more locations! Can you stop Abaddon's Battle Barge? This weeks locations are: 20th August Blundells (Sittingbourne) D&E Knowles & Sons (Buxton) 21st August Dark Matter Trading (Horsefair) Jade Martial Arts (Hastings) Gentle Gallery (Steyning) 22nd August Wargames World (Ilkley) 23rd August Games Workshop Liverpool, Stoke, Plaza and Exeter. 27th August Questing Knight Games (Telford) 28th August Artists Corner (Chepstow) 30th August Games Workshop Dublin, Peterborough, Blue Water and Guildford. 2nd September Sports & Model Shop (Dingwall) For more information go to: http://www.games-workshop.com/eot/events/ Eye of Terror Online Shopping Get your hands on Codex: Eye of Terror and the armies that go with it at: http://www.games-workshop.com/eot/shop/ The diabolical magicks enacted by Erebus of the Word Bearers Legion so many weeks past have now come to fruition. Through the sacrifice of a million innocents, the very Warp has vomited through the thin skein of reality, to burst across the domains of Man. The entire region is wracked by Warp storms so intense that inter-system travel is now impossible. As the last reinforcements gather in those sectors not cut off- Cadia, Agripinaa, Belis Corona, Scarus and Chinchare, it is clear to every defender of the Cadian Gate that the war has entered its final stages. Exactly what the future holds, no man can see, but none can deny that a terrible time of reckoning is upon the Imperium. The forces of the Order and of Disorder are set against each other across the warzones of Cadia, Scarus, Agripinaa, Belis Corona and Chinchare. Each is intent upon nothing less than the total and utter destruction of the other. These five warzones are to form the battleground

for the final conflict of the Thirteenth Black Crusade, as those forces committed to other areas are hastily redeployed or simply forgotten amongst the confusion and anarchy of the final days of the war. Imperium high command has long since lost track of the number of troops operating in the region, but estimates suggest that the forces engaged in the final battle are beyond anything seen in many hundreds of years. Thousands of Imperial Guard regiments, scores of Space Marine chapters and hundreds of Titans stand alongside the combined conscripted militia of a hundred systems. Against these heroes of the Imperium are set the Traitor Legions, rebel Imperial Guard, mutant hordes and cultists beyond measure. Millions give their lives in desperate last stands and vicious deadlocks as Imperial preachers exhort the faithful to ever greater peaks of bravery and bloodlust. Eldrad Ulthran has led the forces of Ulthwe through the webway in one almighty push into the heart of the Chaos lines, seeking his destiny in mortal combat against Abaddon. The Grey Knights of the Ordo Malleus, each one of them more than a match for the shock troops of Chaos leading Abaddons assault, teleport onto the daemon-infested battlefields of Kasr Holn and Xersia. Thracian Primaris and its surrounding worlds are consumed with fire and battle, scarring the planets themselves for eternity. The Dark Angels and Space Wolves resolve their differences and unite in the face of the Chaos hordes on Korolis, and the entire Agripinaa sector is plunged into the throes of the most virulent of plagues as Typhus unleashes the full strength of the Death Guard. But the most chilling development is the encroachment of the Planet Killer upon the Cadian system. Its proximity can only mean one thing. The skies above the warzones burn with the falling of orbital ordnance, and the chants of a billion lunatics resound. The tread of mighty battle titans shakes the earth, and Imperial Navy fighter craft scream overhead. The last days of the war are upon us. Let none falter in his duty to the Emperor, for to do so is to surrender Humanity itself unto the eternal pyre of damnation and ruin. The final stage of the Eye of Terror will be fought across the Cadian, Agripinaa, Belis Corona, Scarus and Chinchare sectors. *** Campaign Ends: End of Day 57 (August 31st) *** EYE OF TERROR EVENT CARDS Go to the Event Cards Played link in the bottom left corner of your Warroom to see all cards that have been played since the beginning of Week 7. This list is an up to the minute account of which events have occurred. SCENARIOS

Each week, well be bringing you scenarios that follow the weeks events. Take a look below for whats in store for you this week. http://us.gamesworkshop.com/40kuniverse/warhammer40k/eyeofterror/us/scenarios/default.htm WARHAMMER 40,000 To the Death This scenario is a fun "what if" type of game. Imagine that Eldrad's divinations reveal a moment in time where Abaddon can be combated with only his bodyguard present. http://us.gamesworkshop.com/40kuniverse/warhammer40k/eyeofterror/us/scenarios/40kweek8a.htm The Dark Tide A rift in reality has opened within a Cadian city and the strained defenses buckle under the hordes of filth that pour forth. Mutant attrocities and hulking behemoths stream into the fray by the hundreds. http://us.gamesworkshop.com/40kuniverse/warhammer40k/eyeofterror/us/scenarios/40kweek8b.htm Eye of Terror Events in the UK The Dark Tempest hits more locations! Can you stop Abaddon's Battle Barge? This weeks locations are: 27th August Questing Knight Games (Telford) 28th August Artists Corner (Chepstow) 30th August Games Workshop Dublin, Peterborough, Blue Water and Guildford. 2nd September Sports & Model Shop (Dingwall) For more information go to: http://www.games-workshop.com/eot/events/ Eye of Terror Online Shopping Get your hands on Codex: Eye of Terror and the armies that go with it at: http://www.games-workshop.com/eot/shop/