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Matthew J.

Arts, Marketing Manager

Portfolio Example
2007 Annual Association Law Symposium

ASAE & The Center’s Annual Association Law Symposium is

a great example of the smaller education events we offer.
Held annually in Washington, DC, a predictable number of
attendees are all but guaranteed, and the content usually
reflects recent changes in association law.

While the 2007 conference did not deviate too much in terms
of content, the client wanted to shake things up a bit with the
marketing and design to attract our younger professional
members. These ‘emerging leaders’ are quickly becoming a
primary audience for ASAE & The Center programs, but how
to get their attention for such a conservative subject?

The answer was a design that was fun and engaging, while
conveying the theme of law and education. The blackboard
and font choice complimented the soft hue of the brand art,
and our members responded well. 17% of attendees were
identified as young professionals, which was viewed as a
true success.