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teacher: carl

his english name is

-did you go to school today?

-when is your birthday?

-what is your favorite color?

-what is the weather today?

-is it sunny or is it raining?

-do you have a brother or a sister?

-what is your favorite food?

-how many are you in the family?

-what do you do at home when you don't have a lot of homework?

-what is your favorite season?

-do you like summer? winter? spring? autumn? why?


he can understand most of my instructions. he can work more on it to ex

press himself better and to improve his listening skills.

he is able to compose simple and common sentences for his age. he can f

ocus on this when he begins to have english classes.


he has good pronunciation of words he knows. while working on his vocab

ulary, he can also practice with his pronunciation to sound clearer and