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Aluminium model for marine & oil/water pits
Stainless steel 316 or 2205 for acid & chemical ponds

• Models available for open water and confined spaces
• Lightweight, lifted by one person
• No moving parts
• Easy to use – place skimmer in water, connect suction
hose to suction pump, turn on pump
• Self-adjusting weir to counter waves or chop
• Does not rely on weight of water in hopper to keep the
skimmer submerged. Will not pop out of water if hopper is
emptied of water by over pumping.
• Sturdy construction
• Sits on protective stand on land Open water model (Weir 5T) with self-adjusting weir fully closed
• Operates in shallow water

Model Weir 5T Weir 5TP
Pontoons Aluminium Aluminium
Skimmer head Aluminium Aluminium
Finish Natural Natural
Frame Aluminium Aluminium
Floatation Aluminium pontoons Aluminium pontoons
foam filled foam filled
Dimensions (approx) L .9m x W 1.1m x H .6m Diameter 600 mm x H 285 mm
Weight 10 kgs 6 kgs
Draft 300mm 225mm
Weir entrance 180mm diameter 180mm diameter
Capacity Up to 8m /h Up to 8m3/h
Discharge hose fitting 1" camlock 1" camlock
Pit model (Weir 5TP) with self-adjusting weir extended Discharge hose 5m PVC 25mm 5m PVC 25mm
600mm diameter makes skimmer ideal for small pits Lifting Lugs in three corners Nil
Weir ring Polyethylene foam filled Polyethylene foam filled
Concertina Neoprene Neoprene

Trash screen to prevent debris from entering weir

Mini weir skimmer manufactured from stainless steel
Used to collect oil in high corrosion environment (Weir 5Tss)

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