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TABLE OP CONTENTS Guide to Painting Flowers 6 EDITOR'S NOTE 9 R: PATRICK GORDON JO. PATRICIA TRIBASTONE: REVEALING ‘THE MYSTERY OF NATURE. by Janes A Meteate For this New York ars, pastel isthe de mediam ferceating evocative lols ies. 18 STILL LIFES AS PORTRAITS byte Ini fit publi wodalep Mise att oon Bouldin shoved participants how to apure the “tangible personaly” oa sil He sabject thaugh ‘hey were panting a ora 34 PAT. R: STILL LIFES IN THE M PPI DELTA ty Join RKen ‘his pinter's rich, bold slit explore abstract shapes and febtin an ater te erate balance amon and ytho, GUIDO FRICK: LEARNING ‘TOPAINT WITH PASSION ty NaomiEeprii ‘German Impessons aime Guo Fckloves to ‘Sptare he landscape ofthe Wevtern United Ste, ‘cd durig is seriannaal ais wis there he teaches worlshop prtcpant te rex and tust, ‘enreje and ter nse OBSERVING CAREFULLY, THINKING ABSTRACTLY. PAINTING TRADITIONALLY ty ndaPrce For New York Ciy anit Ellen Basel, punting s ‘enteredon tansating what she sees to carnas, ‘hich fs she fins einersng and undertaring the natwe of ole and ight so important ON THE COVER 16.44 ‘Make Colors Sing Nodern Masters Stow You Hew 54 Learnt Pais With Passion Dynamic Aetionin Flor Painting 65 Learn Kev te Paint «Rove! COvERIM Cannes Toa Pe With Bed Tlie ipoch, tid CONTENT 52 DYNAMIC AC PAINTING Janes sues ‘Bynamicacton i animyorunt element in any ype cof painting. Here dics the concep 3 it caks tefloal eomposton, “ NIN FLORAL 60 PAINTING FLOWERS COMPOSED OF SMALL PETALS by Janet Wash ‘lane gepeng of tse lowers halle to {nic Leva boo ice the fret shaper wii the fawers and stl catea unified compesiten 66 PAINTING ROSES & DELPHINIUMS Jost Walsh ‘Nerleaming hw te pain basi ora sili Yourlikely wantto ty yur band ata more wvaved rangement Aelvenuggesed here you might wantio pactce dawingand painting the shapes of the flowers fest because the forms ate more com plate. Doing tis vil belpyou past with move ‘enfdence, and you willbe beter able to capture Ue ‘fects ofligh ard shadow tat vil bing your tup telifeomthepaper. 70. SKIP STEINWORTH: SETTING THE STAGE FOR STILL LIFES tN ipa “Tis Minnesoa aris is known for tepresenatinal sraphitedeavings tht depict convert Ina way hats anything bu 73 INTERPRETING REALITY THROUGH COLORED PENCIL PAINTINGS by AloraNicleeen By otonngan eacing breve prs imple beau tll ies al subjects 84 ANEXPERIE oti ie ay decsienr—some better then eben,