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Scheduled Start

Scheduled Finish

Work necessary to enable start

Team Registration

Names of team members, Type of company, Name of company and type of project Negotiation with the company about contract, discussion of scope of the work with client. The confidentiali ty agreement will be made between project team (Madiha, sana, Iram, Fawad and companys finance manager prior to


27 07 -2011

28 07 -2011

When registration of team will be done the contract will be negotiate with the client.

Contract negotiation

Madiha, Sana, Iram, Fawad

29 07 2011

02 08 2011

If client will be satisfied with the scope of work the agreement will be signed by both parties.

Confidential ity agreement

Sana, Iram Fawad and Madiha

29 07 2011

03 08 -2011

Project will be described after this agreement.

provide Project Description consultancy Detailed description of company and detailed description of the project. Title, Objective, Scope, Risk and priority of the project will be involved in this document. Financial statements, company information, revenue, capital, profit, projections, Ratio analysis, examine the analytical and logical reasoning. Feasibility study and plan will be analyzed. Sana 05 08 2011 08 08 2011 Briefing documents of the project will be provided to the supervisor. Different data will be gathered after project briefing through different sources. Data will be analyzed which have been gathered.

Project Briefing Document

Sana, Iram Madiha, Fawad

12 08 2011

17 08 2011

Data collection


19 08 -2011

05 09 2011

Data analysis


06- 09 2011

12 09 2011

Data analysis is necessary to start work on feasibility.


Iram, Madiha, Sana, Fawad

13 09 2011

16 09 2011

After this work some decisions of project design will be take place. All design and plan will be implanted.

Project Design and Decisions.

Project design will be Presented and decisions of feasibility


17 - 09 -2011

20 09 -2011

will be take place.

Implementa tions and debriefing Approvals

Project implementat ion will be presented. Feasibility approved by client.

Sana, Iram, Madiha, Fawad. Company manager

21 09 2011

24 09 2011

Feasibility will be approved by manager. Project will be submitted.

26 09 2011

27 09 2011