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Solar energy homework 1. Use the PVwatts1 software to calculate: a. The effect of diverse derate factors on energy savings.

i. Inputs: 1. Site: Playa Girn (Cuba) 2. DC Rating: 12 kW 3. Derate factor: Vary the Age derate factor, suppose a 1% loss per year, and make a curve of total energy savings during 20 years of use. The other derate factors are selected by default. 4. Array type: Fixed tilt ii. Output: Prepare a chart of energy savings vs age of the equipment. b. The effect of site location on energy savings i. Inputs: 1. Site 2. a. Santiago de Cuba (Cuba) b. Bangkok (Thailand) c. Quebec (Canada) d. Santiago (Chile) e. Buenos Aires (Argentina) f. Salvador (Brasil) g. Cairo (Egypt) h. Helsinki (Finland) 3. DC Rating: 10 kW 4. Derate Factor: 0.77 5. Array type: Fixed tilt ii. Output: Use the same currency (US dollar or Euro) to make comparisons and draw conclusions. Prepare some charts to represent your findings. c. The effect of Array Type on energy savings i. Inputs: 1. Site: Sevilla (Spain) 2. DC Rating: 4 kW 3. Derate Factor: 0.77 4. Array type: Fixed tilt, 1-axis tracking, 2-axis tracking. ii. Output: Prepare a bar chart to show your findings.

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