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Classifying the Collateral All collateral can and will fit within one AND ONLY one of a set

of carefully defined types. All cited definitions are found in 9-102(a)

Consumer Goods (a)(23) - Goods used or bought for family purposes

Farm Products (a)(34) - Crops, livestock, products of livestock (eggs), etc. in the hands of a farmer Goods (a)(44) - All things movable when a security interest attaches

Inventory (a)(48) - Goods held for sale or lease--or used short term in a business Document (a)(30) - A document of title or a receipt of the type described in 7201(b) Equipment (a)(33) - Goods used in business--long term (goods other than inventory, farm products, or consumer goods) Instrument (a)(47) - A negotiable instrument or any other writing that evidences a right to the payment of a monetary obligations

Collateral (a)(12) - The property subject to a security interest or agricultural lien

Chattel Paper (a)(11) - Writing evidencing an obligation and security interest

Investment Property (a)(49) - A security, security entitlement, securities account, commodity account, etc.

Deposit Account (a)(29) - Accounts maintained with a bank (excludes instruments and consumer transactions) Account (a)(2) - Right to payment--with no writing or insuffiicent writing to be an instrument or chattel paper. It excludes deposit accoutns, health care insurance receivables, and investment property. It includes credit card debts The "Intangibles"

General Intangibles (a)(42) - Anything else. "Catchall category for non-goods.