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rm Re eR) tie = y oD meses THE GALAKY'S GREATEST COMIC... == ae =) ushered in a new era of sci-fi action and adventure for comic readers, dazzling thom with a mind-blowing array of fantastic futures and shocking possibilities. Appearing forthe first time in Prog 2, Judge Dredd made a huge and instant impression with readers and remains the mainstay of 2000 AD to this day. n the twenty-four yours and 1250 (and counting) progs that fo- lowed, 2000 AD has continued to til and inspire legions of fans, with memo- rable strips such as A.B.€ Warriors, ‘DA, & Quinch, The Ballad of Halo Jones, Nemesis the Warlock, Robo- ‘unter, Strontium Dog and Zenith (to ‘mention but a few). p= Inthe UK on 26 February 1977, Prog 1 of 2000 AD 2000 AD was the proving ground for ‘host of Ait British writers and ‘ 4 | arisis, now recognised both sides ot we ee 3 g tho Attanto. Luminaries to emerge Pe fers See | om unr he wing of Marg The eae Mighty (2000 40's alien itor forthe Unintate) include Bran Bolan, Gath Ennis, Alan Grant, Alen Moore, Grant Morison, Frank Citly and many, many more “Titan Books! inks with 2000 AD go back almost tothe very beginning, with ‘the publication ofthe frst graphic novel collection, The Chronictes of Judge Dredd, back In July 1981. ‘Alan Moore is one ofthe most respected and admired wrters in comics today ‘Among his many projects, Moore is perhaps best known for the groundbreaking Waichmen series, Miacleman, Swap Thing, Vor Vendetts and Batman: The ‘ng Joke. But bofre he found US fame and fortune, his UK output was similarly prolc. Fr 2000 AD he wrote 0.P. & Quinch Te Bella oF Halo nes and Skizz, ‘and for Marvel UK Doctor Who and Canta Sitar He is currently working on his ‘mm ABClne of comics, including Promettea, Tam Strong, Top Ten an The League of Extraordinary Gentimon ‘Alan Davis began drawing comics for Marvel UK working on suchttes as Captain ‘Beta, Ho began drawing for 2000 AD in 1982 with Harry 20 onthe High flock and ‘went onto work on several Future Shock stries before the runaway success of DR. Quinah, His work also appeared in Wari, for which he drew Maretman fater ‘Miacleman. Davis moved ‘0 DC Comics, for whan he drew Batman and he (uisiers and Detective Comics. At Marvel ne co-created Excalibur with wnt Chis Claremont. n action to several spells on Tha Uncanny X-Men, Davis has also created his onn suporhero team, Clandestine, Recent work has nuded JLA: The Ne and The Avengers, and ne fs currently developing a new Kiraven sres. "DB. QUINGH HAVE FUN O EARTH (originally publishod in 2000 AD Prog #317) Writer — Alan Moore eee reece a eae CT sare LUE gee) Writer — Alan Moore eee eed Ue Es Ci yee en esac Pee Ca eer eee ee ee (originally published in 2000 AD Progs #355-359) Writer — Alan Moore Artist — Alan Davis eect SC lished in 2000 AD Progs #363-367) Artist — Alan Davis eee cd ar TS (originally published in 2000 AD Sci-fi Special co} Cer eer er feed ATotally Meaningful: Introduction by Waldo ‘D.R.’ Dobbs What is Life? Lite is ust tis thing that people do when they're nat totally dead ‘man, There is ke, this other school of thought which believes life to be a bow of cherries, but! submit that they can clearly be told apart by the following meth: take the object under consideration and discharge a completely humungous shotgun into it rom, lke, about this faraway ft sort of makes this wold lite ‘eeeeepee/k’ nose, kicks its legs up and down fora while and then les stil it was probably fia. Hon the other hand, it just leaves this funny stain on ‘the carpet but is otherwise totally unexceptional, then in my opinion, it was probably @ bowl of cherie, man. Better luck next time. But what is tite about? Lie is about seventy years, unless you do something utterly outrageous like trying to Slam hile priming plastic explosives — In which case your guess is as good as mine, man, ance Hmm... seventy years isn't very long, i it? Hey man, are you kidding? You are braln-stampingly Incorrect inthis unsubstantiated assertion, man (Consider, if you wil that, for the ast fifty years ofthis period, you willbe ‘an old person. Old people are stupely- inaly boring and, tke, totally gross and nobody ke, kes them, Why are old people gross and boring? Not even the finest brains of medical science ae abl to answer tis question, man, but my guess is that I's something glandular. I ironically Ironic, man, that, in an era when ‘mankind is capable of putting a personalized walkman stereo set on the moon, we are still unabie to cure or reverse this completely disgusting atlietion. To date the only method \ ‘We \which | nave discovered for making old people ess boring is, ike, to put soma kind of small venomous creature into one of their shoes and then put something utterly skul-crunching onthe turntable and pretend that theyre dancing toi WIILL one day be a totaly boring ld person? hati, like, totally upto you as an individual, man. There ae alter nathves available, such as the Slamdancing-and-pastc explosive ‘method briefly touched on above. Many people are of the opinion that you should ive fast and leave @ good looking corpse but, in my experience t's usually betta to make sure it's someone ese’. Wow, Waldo, you are like, totally bumming me out Is there no way that I can stay young and fantastically Interesting forever? Its tke, utety strange that you should ask that question, man. For, by an astonishing coincidence, madical science has defintely noticed a connection between people wino buy al the DR. & uinci novelty merchandising that they can get thelr hands on and people who live forever and are mind-shredaingly rich and famous and successtul. So, le, by actually purchasing this book that you ar, tke, holding in your hands, man, then you might conceivably be prolonging your lif! Is that unbelievabiy incredible or what? | dunn, man, maybe you ‘ought to go back to the store and get a couple of D.R. & Quinch humourous ‘motto T-shirts, just to bo, ike, totally attain. And some badges, man. And get ‘me a sandwich wile you're there, man, What kind of sandwich would you like, Waldo? 17k a beer and money sandwich, ‘man, Hod the bread, WALDO ‘0.R." DOBBS With your sister, somewhere you woulda’t Hike, 1986