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This partnership Deed is being executed at Multan today on

10.12.2002 between: -
Shakeel Anjum S/o of Nazir Ahmad, caste Rajput, R/o House
No. 14-B, Street No. 12, “U” Block, New Multan.
Nazir Ahmad S/o Allah Wasaya, caste Dogar, R/o House No.
9-F, Block “V” New Multan.

WHEREAS both the partners have agreed to work in

partnership on following terms & conditions: -

1. That the name and style of the firm shall be “Bismillah Air
Travels” at its existing premises, Chowk Kumharan Wala,

2. That the firm will deal in selling tickets of Air services, Umra
Visa, Visit Visa, Work Visa of all the countries and other kind
of things concerning this business.

3. That both the partners shall work for the common benefit of
the firm.

4. That the investment of both the partners shall be as their

ledgers kept in the office and any partner desires to check the
ledgers, he can do so at any reasonable time.

5. That partner No. 1 will work as Managing Director of the firm

and he is authorised to deal with all the Government and
Semi-Government departments, Income Tax department,
foreign office, offices of foreign countries, private
organizations, persons or parties.

6. That the bank account will be maintained and opened jointly

in any schedule bank in the name of the firm. The cash and
cheque will be deposited/withdrawn with the signatures of
both the partners or any one of them.

7. That the partner no. 1 will recruit the persons for this purposes
with the consent of the other partner.

8. That if there is any dispute, that will be resolved through

arbitration and under the provisions given in the Partnership
Act, 1932.

9. That if any partner desire to leave the partnership, he can do

so with proper notice to the other partner and after
clearing/settling his dues.

10. That running settlement of accounts will be done on 5th of

every month and final closing will be made on 30th June of
every year.

11. That the partnership shall be at will.

12. That the firm and the partner shall abide by the rules and
regulations laid down by law and Government.

13. That the profit and losses will be borne equally.

Hence, this Partnership Deed is being executed at Multan on

the date, month and the year is written above.

Witnesses: - Partners