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A daily exercise which I try and do 5 times a day and which I have found very helpful.

It should take between 5 to 10 minutes and can be fitted in when you have such a spare time slot. I try and do my first exercise at the start of my early morning meditation

(1) * Bring 5 important Truths to mind such as: There is only GOD NOT also GOD Have loving feelings towards GOD and GURU at all times Don't take things personally GOD is in His/Her name. Value His name as a diamond not cut glass There is no happiness in the world (2) * Number 1. Bring the body the 'chariot' to mind. Be aware of the heart, lungs, 600 muscles etc all working without our interference etc. Be aware that there are 720 million veins in the body and if all the body's blood vessels were put end-on-end they would go twice around the world's circumference. That it is our greatest fortune to have a human body. Number 2 is the mind. The mind thinks and forms ideas. Shri Maharaji likens the mind to a monkey drunk on red wine. In the analogy the mind and senses are the horses. The mind must be absorbed in God and Guru. The mind is the lover and is the cause of bondage or liberation The mind must obey the intellect. As Shri Maharaji says " write this in golden words" Shri Maharaji tells us that the mind is our only enemy * Number 3 is the Buddhi or intellect which decides and determines and must be connected to the Guru's intellect. The Buddhi is the driver of the chariot.

Number 4 is the soul. The Soul is the passenger in the chariot. The soul is 1/10,000th the thickness of a human hair. The soul being a fraction of God and through which the conscious giving power (Chit Shakti) flows to enliven the eyes, the ears and so on * Number 5 is God. Endless creation,*Endless intelligence,*Endless consciousness,*.Endless happiness and love ( Christ, Mother Teresa ,Shri Maharaji).* Endless knowledge. (3) Bring five instructions from Sadhana karu ... chant to mind * Dear one! It is not the senses but the mind that does sadhana * Dear one ! Be as humble as a blade of grass. ( Shri Maharaji defines humility as respecting others BUT nor seeking respect in return) *Dear one ! Desire only that which is pleasing to Him.* Dear one! Detach the mind from the world and attach it to GOD.* Dear one! Do not ever think yourself to be alone (4) Vividly visualize 5 times you have been with Shri Maharaji (5) Repeat (4) above