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Drawer Alarm Technical Information: The alarm function for drawers is effective for protecting private documents and

valuables. Q1 and L1 and its incorporating components from an RF oscillator which generates an oscillation at fixed frequency which shifts when the normally open switch is on. The human touch introduces a capacitive interaction to the reactance of the coil, L1. The signal is amplified by Q2 which is then fed to the detector stage through a buffer amp, IC 1/1, IC 1/2 and IC 1/3, configured as comparator, comprise the detector stage. LED1 lights up to indicate the presence of signal at the output of IC and which is passed on to IC 1/3 then fed to the oscillator circuit. IC which produce an audio signal which is then amplified by Q3. The amplified output is finally fed to the speaker. The length of the audio signal is determines by the time constant R8 and C5. Vr1 allows the adjustment for the sensors sensitivity. I. Objectives: To be able to know the importance of the drawer alarm project into our house or even inside the office. II. Materials Required: IC LM324 1pcs. Transistor 90182 C945 Diode 1N4148 3pcs. Electrolytic Capacitor 22/16 LED 1 Ceramic 332 680 103 331 Resistor 330k 470k 560Ohms 100k 82k 3k 300k 3M 1.5k

1k Trimmer Resistor 10k Coil 24turns Piezo Electric Transducer IC socket III. Procedures: Insert and solder all components carefully following the parts placement guide on the PCB starting from the smallest one son to the next larger and so on. Carefully observe proper placement of parts specially the polarized ones. Cut all excess leads neatly to avoid possible shorts that could cause failure in your work. Make use to the IC socket to avoid possible damage to IC. Mount the IC after all the rest of the components have been soldered. Connect a loop of wire of around 1 foot long, #22 un insulated stranded wire to the sensor terminal. This will serve as a strap for hanging the gadget on the drawer alarm connects the speaker. IV; Analysis/Results I research and designed a drawer alarm for the security of the valuables things. V: I conclude that by designing a simple drawer alarm can help secure valuables things in our house or even in the office.