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Promotional Strategies of Big Bazaar

There are two types of promotional strategies of big bazaar: 1. Holistic Advertisement which promotes the brand and creates awareness among people. 2. Store Oriented Promotion. There are Promotional Efforts even inside the store. Big Bazaar ensures that no other Kirana Store / Departmental Store are offering considerable discount compared to its own price. This has helped Big Bazaar in being the "Value for Money" store. 7P Analysis of Big Bazaar: 1. Product: Big Bazaar offers a wide range of products which range from apparels, food, farm products, furniture, child care, toys, etc. Products of all the major brands are available at Big Bazaar 2. Price: The tag-line is "Is se Sasta aur accha aur kahin nahi". They work on the model of economics of scale. There pricing objective is to get "Maximum Market Share". 3. Place: Big Bazaar stores are located in 50 cities with 75 outlets. Big Bazaar has presence in almost all the major Indian cities. 4. Promotion: The various promotion techniques used at Big Bazaar include "Saal ke sabse saste teen din", Future Card (the card offers 3% discount) Brand Endorsement by M. S. Dhoni, Exchange Offer - Junk Swap Offer, Point-of-Purchase Promotions. Advertising has played a crucial role in building of the brand. Big Bazaar advertisements are seen in print media, TV, Radio (FM) and road-side bill-boards. 5. People: Well-trained and dressed staff, Employees are motivated to think out-of-the-box. 6. Process: Multiple counters with trolleys to carry the items purchased. Proper display / posters of the place like (DAL, SOAP, etc.). 7. Physical Evidence: It deals with the final deliverable or the display of written facts. This includes the current system and available facilities.

Strategic Decisions Taken to Build the Big Bazaar Brand: Indian customers prefer to purchase grains, grams, etc., after touching them, so its better not to sell in polythene packs. Big Bazaar has counters where you can touch wheat, rice, sugar, etc., before purchasing. Advertisements about schemes and offers through local newspapers, radio in local languages, inspires customer more than the traditional ways. Their newspaper advertisements are present just before launch of any new scheme. This creates aura about the Big Bazaar brand in the minds of customers. For Indians, shopping is an entertainment; they come in groups, with families so Big Bazaar offers something for every section of family. Big Bazaar bill-boards are displayed on prime locations in various cities as a brand building exercise. They display the catchphrases now-a-days.


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