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HM2022 Organisational Structure & Effectiveness Group Assignment Guidelines

The group assignment is due in Week 10 and must be handed in at class Group presentations will be scheduled during class for week 10 & 11 The report must be 3000 words and be submitted in standard Report Format You must review your chosen company (that must be approved by me before week 8) and identify: The current situation of the company What problems / situations has it faced What environmental factors may have impacted the company What has led it to experience structural and organisational changes o How has the structure changed? o How is its current performance/productivity and effectiveness? o What would you recommend that management do? Change? Provide relevant arguments and material from other references to support your case o o o o The Report must also include: o A list of appropriate references and show where you used them in your report o An opening introduction and summary/recommendation An Executive Summary is not required. The 35% of marks will be allocated for: o Analysis of the company and its problems/challenges (5 marks) o Inclusion of content and connection to material from class lectures (5 marks) o Strength of your recommendations to management/conclusion (5 marks) o Overall report format and excellence (5 marks) o Appropriate referencing and use of references (5 marks) o Group Presentation (10 marks)