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Brittany Bellevue REL2300 Learning Module 04: Buddhism

September 26, 2011 Professor Balzora

Permanent Identity

1. According to Buddha, there is no soul, no self; however, the essence of an individual's personalitythe elements of a individual can continue from one lifetime to another. This recombination or form of rebirth leads to reincarnation. We come back in future realities based on good karma. The appearance of an otherness is nothing but an illusion.

2. The individual that is reborn suffers until they have reached nirvana. Thus rebirth is complete. During this rebirth and before nirvana, the individual has no self-control, and is influenced and driven by the craziness and overwhelming forces and unpredictable realities of the world.

3. The action of karma says in itself how an individual can be held accountable for actions in previous realities. If one does good things in one reality, in the rebirth of the next reality that would bring, excellence in life, intelligence, wealth, etc. If they do bad things in a reality, in the rebirth of the next, they'd pay for it by returning as an animal or bug. This karma changes the "elements of personality" in reincarnation. And although there no self, one can and will be judged for past, present or future actions based on the decisions they decide to make in life.