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|| KARPUR GAURAM || Karpur Gauram Karunaa Avataaram, Sansaar Saaram Bhujgendra Haaram, Sadaa Vasantam Hridayaarvinde, Bhavam Bhavaani

Sahitam Namaami Meaning: I bow to that camphor-hued, white complexioned (Lord Shiva), who is Incarnation of compassion, who is the very essence of (consciousness; the knowing principle) of life (of the embodied soul); Who wears snakes as garlands, whose eternal abode is in the heart of the devotee, I bow to Him (Lord Shiva) and His consort Bhavani (Uma or Paarvati). Karpur (camphor-hued); Gauram (white); Karunaa (compassion); Avataaram (incarnation); Sansaar (life of the embodied soul); Saaram (essence, the knowing principle or consciousness); Bhujagendra (wearer of snakes or who wields theSerpent power of Kundalini Shakti); Haaram (garlands); Sadaa (eternal); Vasantam (resides); Hridayaarvinde (in the heart of the devotee);Bhavam (Lord Shiva); Bhavaani (Uma or Paarvati); Sahitam (together); Namaami (I bow). O lord, the tasks of this day, who burden I placed on you this morning, are over. It was you who made me walk, talk, think and act. I therefore place at your feet all my thoughts, words and deeds. My task is done. Receive me; I am coming back to you. Please repair my body and prepare me nicely for my next days journey.