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Golmen Gazette Volume 3, Issue 1 October 14, 2011 What’s New? The October Character Trait
Golmen Gazette
Volume 3, Issue 1
October 14, 2011
What’s New?
The October Character
Weekly Quizzes
Monday-Editing Quiz
Thursday- WWW Quiz
Friday ~ Math Check Up,
Reading Skill Check
Parent Teacher Conferences
Thank you all for signing up for our Parent Teacher
Conferences on October 18 and 20. Please find your time
written on the Friday Folder signature page. We ask that you
please try to be on time, prepared with questions, concerns,
and try to respect the fifteen minute time slot. We will try and
do the same on our side as well. Thank you for your support.
Mark Your Calendar
10/18 and 10/20 Parent/Teacher Conf.
10/18-10/21 Book Fair
10/25 Boot Camp
PTA would like for parents to bring in items such as: Stuffed
animals, McDonald's toys, Bubbles, Snack Cakes, Sidewalk
Chalk, etc. If you have items to donate, please send them in
by Monday October 31st, PTA will come collect all items from
the classes. These prizes will be used for the winners at the Fall
10/28 No School
Phonemic Awareness
10/31 Halloween  (no
costumes please)
Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear, identify, and
manipulate individual sounds-phonemes--in spoken words. It is
important because:
Supply Request
If you would like to
donate post-it notes to
our class, we would
greatly appreciate it!
It improves students' word reading and comprehension.
It helps students learn to spell.
If you notice your child struggles with spelling, here are a few
suggestions to practice at home:
Identify a sound, practice rhyming words
Practice breaking the word apart into syllables
Use scrabble tiles/Scrabble slam to creat words/letter
Next Week
Reading: Review what “Good Readers Think, character traits, connections, inferences
Writing: Using Paragraphs, Sentence structure (complete sentences, run-on sentences)
Working with Words:
they’re, school, when, prettier, happiness, flowers, delays, tigers, holidays, friends
Suffix: -ness, er
when to drop the y, add er
Math: Collecting, organizing, analyzing numerical data
Science: animal adaptations and human
effect on environment.