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Beijing Olympics – Glossary

affect verb glamorous adjective
to cause physical damage to something attractive and interesting in an exciting and
The area has been badly affected by pollution. unusual way

archery noun [uncount] gymnastics noun [uncount]

the sport of shooting arrows from a bow a sport involving difficult physical exercises
designed to increase your strength and ability to
at the last minute phrase bend and balance
happening or done at the latest possible time
javelin-throwing noun [uncount]
attract verb a long pointed stick that is thrown in a sports
to make someone interested in something so that competition
they do it or come to see or hear it
The show attracts viewers from all walks of life. nest noun [count]
a structure that birds make to keep their eggs and
audience noun [count] babies in
a group of people who have come to a place to see
or hear a film, performance, speech etc. The people nickname noun [count]
who watch a sports match or other large event are an informal name that your friends or family call
usually called spectators or the crowd you that is not your real name
The music was performed before an enthusiastic
audience. pole-vaulting noun [uncount]
a sport in which you use a long pole to push
bet verb yourself over a high bar
to risk an amount of money by saying what you
think will happen, especially in a race or game. venue noun [count]
You lose the money if you are wrong and win the place where an activity or event happens
more if you are right

canoeing noun [uncount]

the sport of pushing through the water in a long
narrow boat using a paddle

ceremony noun [count]

a formal public event with special traditions,
actions, or words
an awards ceremony

consists verb
to be made of particular parts or things

coverage noun [uncount]

used about the amount of attention that television,
radio, and newspapers give to something, or the
way in which something is reported
The murder has received extensive media

doubt noun [count/uncount]

a feeling of not being certain about something
There’s little doubt that the measures will be
extremely unpopular.

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