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Chocolate – Glossary
afford verb global adjective
if you can afford something, you have enough including or affecting the whole world
money to be able to pay for it global changes in climate
We need a bigger house, but we just can’t afford
the rent. ingredient noun [count]
one of the foods or liquids that you use in making a
bitter adjective particular meal
something that is bitter has a strong sharp taste that The food is home cooked using fresh ingredients.
is not sweet
melt verb
cacao noun [uncount] to change a solid substance into a liquid
a tropical tree, the seeds of which are used for Melt the butter in a small saucepan.
making chocolate and cocoa
mood [count/uncount]
cease verb the way that someone is feeling, for example whether
stop happening or continuing they are happy, sad, or angry
Conversation ceased when she entered the room. medicines that affect mood and mental function

civilisation noun [count/uncount] pretend verb

a society that has developed its own culture and to claim that something is true when it is not
institutions I don’t pretend to have all the answers.
the ancient civilisations of Mesopotamia and Egypt
release verb
consumption noun [uncount] to let a substance or energy spread into the area or
the amount that someone eats, drinks, or smokes atmosphere around it, especially as part of a chemical
Most people need to increase their daily reaction
consumption of fruit and vegetables. Oxygen from the water is released into the
cultivate verb
to grow crops or plants, especially in large resist verb
quantities to stop yourself from doing something that you
Rice is cultivated throughout the coastal regions. would very much like to do
It’s difficult to resist a challenge like that.
diet [count/uncount]
the food that a person or animal usually eats risk noun [count/uncount]
Try to eat a balanced diet. the possibility that something unpleasant or
dangerous might happen
enhance verb Most major changes involve some risk.
to improve something, or to make it more
attractive or more valuable seed noun [count/uncount]
The measures taken should considerably enhance a small hard part produced by a plant that can grow
the residents’ quality of life. into a new plant of the same type
a packet of seeds
explorer noun [count]
someone who travels to a place that other people significance noun [singular/uncount]
do not know much about in order to find out what the meaning of something, usually a special meaning
is there or a meaning that is not obvious
I didn’t realize the true significance of this comment
familiar adjective at the time.
well known to you, or easily recognized by you
Harry Potter will be familiar to many readers. solid adjective
a solid substance is firm and hard and is not a liquid
fond adjective or a gas
getting enjoyment and satisfaction from something,
especially often or over a long time vital adjective
fond of music/poetry very important, necessary, or essential
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