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e-lesson Week starting: 24th May 2004

1. Lenny Kravitz
On May 26th retro pop singer Lenny Kravitz celebrates his 40th birthday. Read about the man
and his music in this week’s worksheet.

Pre-Intermediate upwards

How to use the lesson

1. Brainstorm what your students know about the singer Lenny Kravitz.

2. Give each student a copy of Worksheet A and five minutes in which to read it. Students
shouldn’t write anything down at this stage.

3. After five minutes stop your students. Ask them to turn over their pieces of paper.

4. Give each student a copy of Worksheet B. Tell them that by answering the questions they
can find the name of Lenny Kravitz’s latest album as well as the name of the song he wrote
for his recent lost love. Divide the class into pairs and ask students to work together to
answer the questions and write the answers in the grid.

5. Check answers in open class. If the questions have all been answered as below, the name
of the album should read Baptism from top to bottom, followed by the name of the song that
he wrote for Nicole Kidman, Lady.
1. Brooklyn 7. Romeo Blue
2. Bahamas 8. Let Love Rule
3. TV news producer 9. Madonna
4. daughter 10. Nicole Kidman
5. Beverly Hills 11. Biscayne Bay
6. Lisa Bonet

2. Related Websites
Send your students to these websites, or just take a look yourself.

Lenny’s homepage

Check out Lenny’s retro hideaway

Lenny’s albums and the lyrics to the songs from most of them

Rolling Stone’s Lenny Kravitz news links

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