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First name Tom Paul Jack Mike


Number of children

Description Occupation Means of transport

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In this family, there is no kid. Mr. and Mrs Smith have two children in London. Mr. Paul Black is a judge and is the father of one kid. The Edinburgh family have blue eyes and fair hair. The doctor goes to work by tram. He lives in Belfast. The journalist from London goes on foot with his two children. They live opposite the school. 7. As he lives in the outskirts, the judge from Edinburgh goes to work by car. 8. As he likes public transport, Mr.Taylor in Cardiff goes to work by underground. 9. The family in London have black eyes and black hair. 10. The philosopher hasnt got a kid yet. 11. Mr. Mike Taylor is similar to MrBlack, but his hair is long. 12. In Mr. Jack Whites family there are four children. 13. The Irish is bald. He has grey eyes. He has two sons and two daughters.