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Presented By: Javeria Rashid Sidra Hye Noor un Nisa Daudpota


GOAL The purpose towards which an endeavor is directed; an end ;an objective Goal Setting To set or adjust for proper functioning

Create S.M.A.R.T goals

Specific precise and clearly defined. with criteria for determining progress and success.


attainable and action oriented. 4/28/12


Where goal setting can go Wrong

When When When When When

goal setting is disorganized. goals are unrealistic goals are beyond your control goals are vague you set too many goals

7 Steps to GOAL Setting

1. Identify what you really want in your life: You must know exactly what you want to achieve in your life, if you do not even know what you want, it will be impossible to achieve it. 4/28/12 How can you hit the

2. Write down at least three reasons why you want to achieve your goals: These reasons are the source of motivation to keep you going. It is the reason that drives you in 4/28/12 action, not your goals.

3. Write down your goals: You have to do this. The difference between a dream and a goal is written words. If you are not writing down your goals they will remain dreams.


4. Make sure you mentioned the deadlines for your goals Deadline creates the sense of urgency for you. When the deadline is around the corner you will somehow put in more effort because you know you are running out of time.

5. The goals you set must be clear and specific: The more specific your goals the more easier they are to achieve for you. why? this is simply because if your goals are clear, you are actually 4/28/12 sending a very clear

6. Get another piece of paper, write down all the strategies and action plan that you can think can help you achieve your goals. Follow through the criteria of setting through your goals like above being

7. Start to take action And follow through the action plan that you have developed in the previous step.