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LPD (IPD 2011/2012)

Department of Nutrition and Dietetics Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Universiti Putra Malaysia GUIDELINES FOR CASE REPORT WRITING
1. Abstract - 5 Marks *no more than 250-300 words - Patient background (diagnosis and nutrition-related problem) - Summary of nutritional assessments - Intervention/ Management (goal and strategies) - Conclusion (Highlights nutrition related outcome or success of your Nutrition Care Process )

2. Diagnosis - 5 Marks
Current diagnosis and prognosis (briefly explain clinical pathophysiology of the disease)

3. Nutrition Assessment -40 Marks - Client history (5 marks) - Anthropometric measurements (5 marks) - Biochemical data, medical tests and procedure (5 marks) - Nutrition focused physical findings (5 marks) - Food and nutrition related history (10 marks)
Including medication, herbs and supplement used by the patients. Student need to highlight any event of drugs-nutrient interaction (eg: warfarin and vitamin K, insulin- hypoglycemia attack) and their side effects or adverse reaction (e.g nausea, bloating) especially pertaining to nutrition-related problems *at this section, student should be able to analyse, summarize and compare with the appropriate standard (10 marks) o 4. Nutrition Diagnosis 5 marks - identify and label the main problem related to patients condition

5. Nutrition Intervention -25 Marks

Plan (Goal and prescriptions) Implementation (strategies of management) Follow-up strategies (your recommendation should include sample menu)

6. Nutrition Monitoring and Evaluation 15 marks

7. Relevance References- 5 Marks

Please ensure the number of pages for case reports is no more than 12 pages including references

LPD (IPD 2011/2012)

Format for cover page of case report

Jabatan Pemakanan dan Dietetik Fakulti Perubatan dan Sains Kesihatan Universiti Putra Malaysia

Case Report No. 1 (DTK 3204 B)

Case Title: Medical Nutrition Therapy for patient with Stage 3 CKD

Prepared by: Nisak Yusof Matric no: 108107 Supervised by: Encik Rafique Ismail Institution: Hospital Melaka Lecturer: Dr Barakatun Nisak Mohd Yusof

LPD (IPD 2011/2012)

Date of submission: 15th August 2011