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Keith W.

Rattell City Clerk Jan Lee Nash Assistant City Clerk

City of Chicopee
Office of the City Clerk
City Hall 17 Springfield Street Chicopee, Ma 01013 Tel: (413) 594-1466 Fax: (413) 594-1469

Statement of Keith Rattell, Chicopee City Clerk The Mayor forwarded to my office this morning a letter making false accusations against me, and questioning my integrity. The letter makes reference to a public records request but fails to state that the request was made by my political opponent, who is the sister of one of his staff members. It is clear that the Mayor is attempting to divert attention from what appears to be hundreds of forgeries on petitions relating to a four year term for the Office of Mayor, which were circulated by the Mayors political committee. After acknowledging that signatures were forged, Mayor Bissonnette said that he would get to the bottom of the issue, but has not done so. Last week, as the Chief Elections Official of the City, I asked the Secretary of State to review and investigate this matter I intend to get to the bottom of the issue of forgeries. The people of Chicopee deserve nothing less.