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Of Mice and Men

Notes Chapter 3

Youre yalla as a frog belly. (62) Curley stepped over to Lennie like a terrier. (62) Curley was floppin like a fish on a line. (63)

Goo-goos =silly young men (idiots) (53) Hoosegow =jail (56) Yella-jackets/ants in his pants =restless and nervous (51)

Walking bow legged (52)
walking with your knees turned out typically meant you contracted a STD

Symbolic relationships
Candy and his dog Dog follows Candy Candy loves dog Candy is used to dog Candy takes care of the dog Candy/dog been together a long time Dog gets shot in back of his head George and Lennie Lennie follows George George loves Lennie George is used to Lennie George takes care of Lennie George/Lennie been together a long time

Theme: Loneliness
Conversation between George and Slim (39) loneliness changes people loneliness can make people mean Most ranchers are lonely Because Lennie and George have each other, they are not lonely

Theme: Dreams vs. Reality

They describe the place of the dream and Candy wants a part of it 250.00 hand 50.00 bank 50.00 end of the month 350.00 100.00 George and Lennie 450.00 600.00 TOTAL The thing they never had really believed in was coming true. (60) Dream of a ranch is becoming a reality because of Candys money

1. So he reaches out to feel this red dress an the girl lets out a squawk (41)
What other references to red have we seen? In literature, red frequently represents love, lust, fear, danger, destruction

2. Candys dog -Candy finally gives in to the pleas of Carlson to put an end to his dog I ought to of shot that do myself, George,. I shouldnt ought to of let no stranger shoot my dog. (61)

Foreshadowing cont
3. Curleys wife: George said, Shes gonna make a mess. Theys gonna be a bad mess about her. Shes the jail bait all set on the trigger. (51) 4. Lennie crushes Curleys hand: I didnt mean no harm, George (65). The others are going to lie about it. We know that Curley is jealous and mean.