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How to Draw the Movement of Shapes and People`s Figures

Once you have learned to see and know shapes, the next most important thing is learning to see
and know the movements oI shapes. Each thing, each person moves in a way all his own. We all
walk, but we all walk in our own way. You can recognize a Iriend by the way he walks, even
though he may be in disguise. Animals walk, run, and move each in its own way. Even trees
move in their own way as they grow or when the wind tosses them.
BeIore you start to draw a shape, study the way it moves. Watch the way one shape moves into
the shape next to it, the way shapes Ilow together, the contrasting movements oI shapes. Try to
Ieel that movement in your own body. You will draw much better iI you Ieel like the
prancing horse or the crouching cat you are trying to get down on paper.

Since the best way to learn how to draw is to draw, why not turn back now and copy some or
all oI the drawings that you have looked
at here? Draw big!
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