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Stone Soup

Stone soup is a great story to introduce needs and wants. It also can be used to discuss greed and sharing. There are many activities that can be accomplished using this story. The vocabulary can be used with any of the above books.


greed peasants village barley

hunger strangers grain beef bone

Spinning for Veggies

Find a friend. Spin the spinner. Say the veggie it lands on. Color the space beside the veggie. Who got to the 11 first?



My Favorite Vegetable

Use these cards to graph the class favorite vegetable.

Stone Soup

____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________

Stone Soup Poem

Heat some water in a pot. Add some stones youve scrubbed a lot. Sprinkle pepper, salt, and herbs. Let it boil undisturbed. Drop in carrots, onions too. Let the soup heat through and through
Use these strips to say and put the poem in order. I found this years ago and cannot remember who to credit.

Stir in milk to make it sweet. Add potatoes for a treat. Toss in meat and let it stew. Let it bubble. Let it brew. Taste the soup and when its done, Share Stone Soup with everyone.

problems. Use the pictures below to help solve the problems .

Math Problems

A villager planted 8 ears of corn. What are some of the ways she could plant them in even rows? Your teacher wanted to make stone soup. She had 10 carrots. She used 8 of the carrots. How many are left? Aaron had some rocks. Abby gave her 6 more rocks. Now she has 10 rocks. How many rocks did Aaron have to start with? Sally had 10 rocks. She gave some to John. Now she has 7 rocks left. How many rocks did Sally give to John?

A villager picked 6 ears of corn. He wanted to share them with a friend. How could he share equally? You brought 7 carrots to school for stone soup. Your teacher brought 3 more carrots. How many carrots do you have for soup? You had 4 rocks. How many rocks do you need to have 10 rocks altogether?

Mrs. Hogan had some rocks. She gave 4 to Josh. Now she has 6 rocks left. How many rocks did Mrs. Hogan have to start with?

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