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Intermediate English Conversation

ELD IIIC Group 2 November 2006

Reporters :
Evan 、 Ruth 、 Becca 、 Jenny 、 Victor
 Introduction

 Part I. The plot and characters

 Part II. The soundtrack

 Conclusion

 References
 Moulin Rouge or “Red Mill”,
is a traditional cabaret, built
in 1889 by Joseph Oller who
already owned the Paris
 "Moulin Rouge" was also the
title of a book by Pierre La
Mure. This book was the
basis for the 1952 movie of
the same name.
 It is famous world-wide
thanks to its French Cancan.
 The painter Henri de
Toulouse-Lautrec, has
always presented
sumptuous shows. Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
painted numerous posters
and scenes of night life at the
Moulin Rouge.
Part I. The plot and
 The story of Moulin Rouge takes
place in Paris in 1900. The
courtesan Satine is the star of the
famous cabaret Moulin Rouge where
she bedazzles rich customers to
whom she sells her body after the
show. The young and naive writer
Christian comes to the French
 Although the place, Moulin Rouge, is
packed with people, the impresario
Zidler faces financial difficulties
after he spent all his resources for
the famous new invention of electric
light. A rich English Duke is ready to
help financially, but only if he could
be the only one who has access to
Satine. The courtesan is ready for
this because she has always wanted
to become a famous actress like her
idol Sarah Bernhardt.
 The courtesan mistakes the poet
for the rich English duke and tries
to seduce Christian. As she
realizes her error, it is already too
late: the poet and the courtesan
have fallen in love with each
 The duke finally finds that Satine
is in love with Christian. He
threatens that he will kill Christian
if Satine sees Christian again.
Satine promises she will never see
him again. But in the end, Satine
dies in consumption, no one wins
Part. II The soundtrack
Sparking Diamonds- The
original singer is Marilyn Monroe for the movie
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and the director added one
of Madonna’s greatest hits “Material Girl” in this
Elephant Love Medley- This
song is composed of 10 different melodies which
included, “All you need is love”, “ I was made for
loving you”, “One more night”, “Pride ( In the name
of love)” “Don’t leave me this way”, “Silly love
songs”, “Up where we belong”, “Heroes”, “I will
always love you” and “Your song”.
ThePitch (spectacular
spectacular)- The music adopted
from “The Can Can” and the lyrics from “The
pitch” are made by the director Baz Luhrmann.

Come What May- This song is

the secret love song of Satine and Christian.
(There are two versions for this song. )
Come What May - Video
 Mouilin rouge is a successful
Musical with a simple story full
of songs, music and pretty
 The director uses many special
ways to expose what he wants to
show us.
 Through the eye of director Baz
Luhrmann, we can see the
1900’s Paris directly.
 The film was nominated for four
Oscars, but won only two.
 http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0203009/

IMDb Moulin Rouge

 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moulin_rouge
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