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200 East Fremont Street Monroe, WA 98272-2336 Phone: 360 804 2570 Fax: 360 804 2529 February 28, 2011

Tom Grossi Navigator Real Estate Services 3020 Issaquah Pine Lake Road, #504 Sammamish, WA 98075 RE: Termination of Lease for the Sky Valley Education Center

Mr. Grossi: As I had indicated could be the case in my letter of February 23, 2011, this evening the Board of Directors of the Monroe School District voted to consolidate our middle school program into one fewer schools, and relocate the Sky Valley Education Center out of the space they currently lease in the Fryelands Business Park and into the unused middle school facility that will become available at the end of this school year (June 2011). As a direct result of the Board of Directors vote to proceed with the middle level consolidation we hereby notify you that the district intends to terminate the lease for the Sky Valley Education Center it currently has for portions of the property held by the Fryelands Sixth Avenue LLC at the Fryelands Business Park, effective the end of the day on August 31, 2011. To clarify, we believe that the portions of the lease concerning Space A, Space B, and Space C in Building B, as well as Space E in Building C according to the sixth amendment to the original lease agreement would be impacted. As of the date we are not contemplating terminating the portion of the lease that involves Space D of Building A, which currently houses the districts Summit Program. As stipulated in Section 2.3 of the original Agreement dated May 17, 2002, we hereby formally provide you with six months notice of termination of the Sky Valley Education Center lease. Respectfully,

John A. Mannix Assistant Superintendent, Operations