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topic: Pronouns: REFLEXIVE or PERSONAL?

Choose the correct pronoun:

1. He is so vain. He likes to talk about ________ all the time.

a) himself b) him

2. Jane? Yes, I spoke to ________ last week.

a) herself b) her

3. Her brother? Yes, she told me all about ________.

a) him b) himself

4. You really have to respect ________.

a) you b) yourself

5. They talk about us, but they don't really know ________.
a) us b) ourselves

6. Some actors love ________ too much.

a) them b) themselves

7. Are you going to invite ________ to the concert?

a) herself b) her

8. Goodbye! Take care of ________!

a) you b) yourself

9. You have to tell ________ what happened.

a) them b) themselves

10. I was at home by ________. (No one else was with me.)
a) me b) myself

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1)himself 2)he 3)him 4)yourself 5)us 6)themselves 7)her 8)yourself
9)them 10)myself