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Zen Cafes - for investors in sustainable community

You can choose to secure your future, by selecting one or more of the following

1. Learn English as a Foreign Language – apply for a course of study at one

of our learning centres. Apply online to secure your place.

2. Train with www.skypetutors.co.uk to earn

your own TEFL Certificate and set up your
own practice as a Skype-enabled Tutor.

3. Access Career Support and Enterprise

Support by joining Creative Village.

4. Deliver Skype-enabled Campus services by

training as a qualified Skype-enabled Tutor.
Available via monthly membership – by
invitation only.

To read more about holistic education, see:

“Leadership and the New Science: Discovering Order
in a Chaotic World”: www.margaretwheatley.com

To realise your potential as an educational organisation you can apply to set up

your own independent Cafes to deliver student services, on demand, by
See: “Beyond Universities: A New Republic of the Intellect” by Sir Douglas Hague,
published by the Institute for Economic Affairs:

Skype-enabled Cafes – set up your own independent Internet Café (Price on


Flow Internet Cafes – come and see how we operate at Flow Internet Café, Bristol.
Read about the principles that guide us: www.flowidealism.org.

Zen Cafes @ The Hub

We use local grass-roots concern to provide a blueprint for sustainable
community action. See: www.skypecafes.co.uk.

Our work is based on the ideas behind: Big Café,
The Hub, Flow Internet and Alliance for a New
Humanity; www.anhglobal.org.

Our activities are based around individual choices,
working together for a better tomorrow, doing
business for People and Planet.
See: www.theworldcafe.com

Set up your own Zen Café as a forum for local

enterprise. We work on Co-operative principles.
See: www.transitionculture.org.

Zen Cafes and Flow Internet: introducing www.theworldcafe.com.

Zen Cafes - for investors in sustainable community

Big Cafe

Introducing the work of Big Café @ Bristol University: See what you can achieve
by mobilising local like-minded supporters:

Zen Cafes – Co-op

By working with Zen Cafes @ The

Hub and Flow Internet you can Co-
venture with us to deliver some or
all of the following services:

 Media and publishing:

journals and school
 Language learning – multi-
cultural understanding
 EFL – teacher training and human-scale education
 Curriculum for Sustainable Development – introducing Resurgence
Magazine and Schumacher College
 Leadership and human ecology – a guide for those seeking political
influence and economic prosperity

Benefits you can deliver to your membership base:

We offer each Zen Café Co-venture, the chance to provide:

1. Schools service – delivering Eco-learning and career

2. Campus services – Curricula Development for Higher
3. Careers Support and Enterprise Support –
membership services by subscription for those
engaged in making a living
4. Set up your own Food and Drink Co-ops – see:
5. Deliver corporate services: initiating the chance for
healthy enterprise and work-life balance: see:
6. Sustainable travel: eco-tourism and healthy lifestyle
7. Holistic development, through yoga and meditation. See:

Zen Cafes and Flow Internet: introducing www.theworldcafe.com.