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Los Angeles School of Global Studies

Name of Project

Main Content/Standards

Project Idea/Driving Questions

Texts and books

Writing Assignment


Partners &



9th - Pay It Forward PBL

-intro to literary analysis and literary techniques (bookmarks) -intro to reading and taking notes in books -intro to a writing a 5-paragraph essay -intro to CAPS (capitalization, articulation/grammar, punctuation, spelling rules

-What do authors do to make a strong piece of literature? -Students read the book published by the last freshman class English and Spanish in order to nominate sophomores for literary awards in English and Spanish. -Students’ nominations must be defended with a 5 paragraph essay proving that the author uses creative literary techniques and explores deep themes in their writing.

The book

-how to write body paragraphs for literary analysis, intro, and conclusion (traditional 5-paragraph format) -5-paragraph group essay -5-paragraph individual essay (at end)

last year’s


published by last year’s freshmen

student authors

9th - What’s Your Historia? PBL

-components of narrative / storytelling -the writing process (drafting) -literary techniques and themes -focus on parts of speech (as used in narrative writing to add details, active voice, etc.)

-What makes a compelling personal narrative?

Literature Circle Autobiographies in English & Spanish -Always Running

-how to write a narrative -5-paragraph literary analysis essay on their book (want to do this) -5-paragraph literary analysis essay on their own narrative (want to do this)

826LA writing



-Students write an autobiographical narrative with:


character development

-Child Called It


setting development

-Go Ask Alice -When I Was

Puerto Rican






internal monologue

-Dreams from My


figurative language



strong adjectives, adverbs, and verbs


9th - Poetry Slam PBL

-poetry vs. prose -emphasis on creative literary techniques -concise expression of ideas -interpretation and inference

-How are poems different than prose? -Students study poetry and compete as teams with their own original poems in a Poetry Slam

Literature Circle Poetry books -Maya Angelou -Cool Salsa -Red Hot Salsa -Pablo Neruda -Tupac Shakur

-personal poem -5-paragraph literary analysis essay about their own poem -5-paragraph literary analysis essay about a poem in their book



9th - (new) Shakespeare’s Ghost Debates PBL

-Romeo and Juliet/Shakespeare -literary analysis and essays -compare/contrast

-How do artists/authors influence the ones who come after them? -Which characters, themes, plots, and motifs are “archetypal”? -Each group member will write a compare/ contrast essay focusing on one aspect to compare between their book and Romeo and Juliet -Teams will debate each other on two sides: the side of Shakespeare’s ghost, who wants credit/royalties for the parts of his play that have been “robbed” by more contemporary authors; and the side of the modern authors, who defend their originality and artistic license.

Romeo and Juliet

-individual 5-paragraph compare/ contrast essays comparing a specific aspect (character, theme, motif,

.not sure yet who the

Literature Circles

audience will


1. 1984

symbol, etc.) in their book to Romeo

be yet


2. Like Water for

and Juliet



3. Twilight

4. Their Eyes

Were Watching



Hard Love


The Notebook


The Reader


All the Pretty




Romiette and


10 - Reporter Project

-reading newspaper articles -integrating citations -overview of modern world problems


Op-Ed pieces Their own book

Op-Ed piece structured commentary

Facing History

Ss post work




and comment on work by others from around the world on a social networking (ning) site


-- School House Rock:

- rhyming

What is democracy, after all?

Fahrenheit 451 or The Giver



Democratic Revolutions

- Enlightenment, English Democ,

American Rev., French Rev, etc.






-- Industrial Revolution


Problem or progress?

Inconvenient Truth, Chew on This, Lyddie, Counting on Grace, Frankenstein, etc

Persuasive Essay (structure of trial = structure of essay)

Visiting judges

Trial: Problem or Progress

Timed writing: Process Paper

Character Testimony (narrative from character perspective including citations)


-- Holocaust & Human

Intolerance Anthology -WW1 and WW2

How do our individual choices make a difference in history?


Anthology of short personal narratives

Facing History


Schindler’s List

and Ourselves,


Sara Terry,

Facing History

-outlined essay

Stop Genocide

and Ourselves

Now, 826LA,

Holocaust and


Human Behavior

World History



Susan Bauer “The History of the World” Volume 3 and 4

10- Modern World Problems and Global Forum

-Nation building/ World Economy -Understanding the causes/ consequences/solutions of the following world problems:

The problems confronting the world community are complex and challenging. In order to contribute to a fruitful discussion, students must develop an understanding of the historical background to the specific modern problems. In addition, they must expand their knowledge of the large issue areas of human rights, environment, international security, and international economics.

Solving international problems requires international cooperation. Students must gain an understanding of different perspectives and they must have a feel for the human dimension of global problems if they are to build constructive relationships with people of different communities, ethnicities, races, religions, and nations in pursuit of positive social change.

Iqbal, Shabanu, Daughter of the Wind, Things Fall apart, Half of a Yellow Sun, The Other Side of Truth

News--NY Times, LA Times, Aljazeera, Dawn, CNN, BBC, etc.

CWHP Scenario

Research Paper Current Event Summaries/analyses


World History


Project, Facing

History and

Gender Rights, Human Rights, Nuclear Non-Proliferation , Terrorism, Trade, Child Labor, World Health, Global Warming -Nigeria, Pakistan, Japan





-Consequences of Imperialism -Film analysis -Expository Essay -Asia, Latin America

How did European Imperialism impact and shape the economic, political, and social development of Africa, Asia, Latin America?

Books: 3 Cups of Tea , They Poured Fire on us From the Sky, Chain of Fire, Cry, the Beloved Country

5-paragraph Film analysis (1-3 literary analysis essays)

Stop Genocide

10-International Film Festival

Now, Facing


History and



11th - State Secrets & American Democracy (4 weeks)


How do we decide who gets to keep secrets? What are the rights & responsibilities of citizens regarding privacy, access to information, and free speech? How do we balance security and democracy? What is the importance of a free press?

Little Brother, by Cory Doctorow and/or

Choice of essay, website, prezi, powerpoint or 3-panel display.


11th American Indians:


What would it mean to “heal the wound” between the American Government and Indian tribes? How do reservations embody both the historical oppression of Native Americans and the opportunity to preserve their political, economic, and cultural strength? What specific steps should be taken to address the social justice issues involving Native Americans?

View and discuss the film, Smoke Signals. Sherman Alexie’s, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.


Healing the Wound (4 weeks)

Completed bookmarks. Group Persuasive Essay

11th Racism & the Black Experience (5 weeks)


Students explore the persistence of the past and the significance of race in America through an examination of African American history, literature, and personal experience.


Timed Essay


choose among


three novels:


Beloved; Butler’s,


Kindred; Shaara’s,

Driving questions:

Killer Angels

What is racism and how does it affect our lives? How do we explain the persistence of racism in America? What is the role of economics, politics, culture and ideology in the formation and perpetuation of racism?

or Harlem



11th Immigration, the Class Struggle & the American Dream (5 weeks)


The project tries to put the students in control of the immigration discussion, rather than being its passive objects, by linking historical knowledge, personal experience, and analytical muscle to craft a political intervention.

Students read The Jungle, by Upton Sinclair or Macho, by Victor Villasenor Illustrated Jungle

E-mail to Obama Blog Posts


Driving questions: Who is an American? Why is there such a disconnect between the centrality of immigrants to our country and the intense hostility directed toward them by hostile nativists?

Immigration history and policy issues provided by American Vision textbook and Immigration unit of Choices.

11th Grade 1920s & National Identity


Fitzgerald’s, The

Chapter summaries & timed essay?


Great Gatsby.

11th Grade Economic Crisis, Human Lives, & Social Responsibility (5 weeks)


Grapes of Wrath, In Dubious Battle, or of Mice & Men by Steinbeck and Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse.


11th America as a Global Power

Students examine the Military-Industrial Complex and American Global domination from WWII to the present.


View the film, Why We Fight. Choice of Catch- 22, The Things They Carried, Slaughterhouse Five, or Fallen Angels.



-UC (4) & CSU (4) online application -Common App online (8) applications -Senior Porfolio (collection includes):

Which university is the right match for me? (Based on my major, my likes and dislikes, surroundings, and capability, where would I be most happy?)

-SAT Prep books -Princeton Review’s “Nations Colleges” -Essays That Worked Essays That Worked


826 LA:

College Application:

Freshman applicant prompt


A Match To Be Made


-Learning Logs (reflections) on 10 college websites -Brag sheets to complete (online) to email teachers -updated resume -copy of most recent transcripts -A-G Requirements & Checklist -3 scholarship applications -SA T scores (reasoning & subject) -ACT score


writing worksho

a:Describe the world you come from — for example, your family, community or school — and tell us how your world has shaped your dreams and aspirations.


b:Tell us about a personal quality, talent, accomplishment, contribution or experience that is important to you. What about this quality or accomplishment makes you proud and how does it relate to the person you are?





Artists in the community as well as at Caracen

12: Sugimoto: Dare to DREAM

In Between Dreams Art Exhibit: What is an American?


Opinion Editorial to submit to The Globe

12: Sugimoto: Senior Independent Project (Fall Semester)


Online research,

1. Task 1: Rationale (narrative)


LAUSD databases

2. Task 2: Research Paper (expository 6-8 pages)

12: Sugimoto: Senior Independent Project (Spring Semester)


How can I better my community through research and personal interests?

No text necessary

1. Task 3: Methods & Actions Report (narrative 2-4 pages)


2. Task 4: Reflections & Implications (2 pages)

12: Sugimoto:


How do we make world/classic literature more accessible to students in our community? * Students create a movie trailer

Candide Siddhartha Catcher in the Rye The Alchemist

Literary Analysis essay (3-5 pages) including the writing process:


Journey Through Literature

brainstorming, note-taking, outlining, drafting, revising, final draft in MLA


advertisement based on “selling” their book to a younger audience; awards style movie trailer marathon




12: Sugimoto Tempest Comic Book Adaptation Project

-Shakespeare as social commentary


Shakespeare’s Tempest (in class)

Literary analysis essay? Letter to publisher?

Shakespeare groups in LA?

Spark Notes readings at home


Film adaptation of the Tempest - The Forbidden Planet

Play acted out on film

12: -Student Autobiography Essay

That the past creates our short-term and long-term goals.


-What our personal histories?

Textbook &


-Parents and

internet research.



Berumen: 1st semester


Critical analysis of the Mid-Term Elections.

What are the voting patterns of Latinos/ as?


Textbook &

- Research Paper (& Presentation).


Project 1

internet research.


Berumen: 1st semester

Who develops U.S. foreign policy?

What drives U.S. foreign policy toward Third World Countries?


Textbook &

- Research Paper (& Presentation).


Project 2

internet research.


Berumen: 1st semester


What does the Judicial Branch do?

How does the Judicial Branch lives?


affect our

Textbook &

- Research Paper (& Presentation).


Project 3


internet research.


Berumen: 2nd semester

What is involved in buying a house?

- Is the American Dream of buying a house accessible today?

Textbook &

- Research Paper (& Presentation).


Project 1 (Dream House Project

internet research.


Berumen: 2nd semester


Why do we have poverty in the United States?

- U.S. Supreme Court cases, the U.S. Constitution

- Essay, Research, & Presentation

- Realtors,

Project 2

bankers, etc.


Name of Project


Main Content

Project Idea/Driving Questions


Writing Assignment