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Gregorio Ortega, Tomas del Castillo, Jr. and Benjamin Bacorro v. CA, SEC and Joaquin Misa G.R.

No. 109248 July 3, 1995 Vitug, J. Facts: Ortega, then a senior partner in the law firm Bito, Misa, and Lozada withdrew in said firm. He filed with SEC a petition for dissolution and liquidation of partnership. SEC en banc ruled that withdrawal of Misa from the firm had dissolved the partnership. Reason: since it is partnership at will, the law firm could be dissolved by any partner at anytime, such as by withdrawal therefrom, regardless of good faith or bad faith, since no partner can be forced to continue in the partnership against his will. Issue: 1. WON the partnership of Bito, Misa & Lozada (now Bito, Lozada, Ortega & Castillo) is a partnership at will; 2. WON the withdrawal of Misa dissolved the partnership regardless of his good or bad faith; Held: 1. Yes. The partnership agreement of the firm provides that [t]he partnership shall continue so long as mutually satisfactory and upon the death or legal incapacity of one of the partners, shall be continued by the surviving partners. 2. Yes. Any one of the partners may, at his sole pleasure, dictate a dissolution of the partnership at will (e.g. by way of withdrawal of a partner). He must, however, act in good faith, not that the attendance of bad faith can prevent the dissolution of the partnership but that it can result in a liability for damages