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The Good Politicians

The Charismatic Politicians

Leadership is the ability to influence the masses to gain
support. Political leaders use the art of perception and
deception to get their votes especially from nave,
susceptible and gullible voters. It is of paramount importance
for the ordinary people to differentiate between constructive
and destructive leaders and vote them into the House of
The purpose of this series of articles on The Good
Politician is to assist the ordinary people to make the right
choice of their representative by understanding the politician
personalities of the KYKO five dimensional model.
High Manipulative-Self Actualization Personality
The charismatic politicians have high intelligent and
emotional quotient equipped with a bag of tricks to manage
all kinds of people for the greater good of the public. They
know how to mobilize the right resources and use them
effectively for the development, progress and prosperity of
their constituency.
The charismatic politicians have a satellite vision of the
political, social, economic and technological environment.
They constantly absolve and update information of the
above and convert them into intelligence to make sound
decisions in managing their constituency.
The charismatic politicians are knowledgeable, competent
and versatile. They have the ability to organize the natural,
economic, financial and human resources and use them
effectively to grow their human capital potentials and use
them to develop their country.

The Good Politicians

The charismatic politicians are analytical, inquisitive,

perceptive, flexible, insightful and influential. They have the
uncanny ability to spot opportunities, size up a situation and
manage it strategically to make things happen.
The charismatic politicians have a clear mission and can
communicate effectively to the masses to support their
visions. They are like the conductor of an orchestra and a
puppeteer among the puppets able to pull and push their
teams to realize the dreams of building a great country and
turn them in realities.