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Ranking the Feasts: Great Feast Solemnity Feast in Copes Feast in Albs Feast of Twelve Lessons Ember Day

Office of the Theotokos the very need to print a Volumethat provides the Offices for the Hours of the Theotokos whether they be observed on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday (Sunday is never observed in this manner), comes out of the tradition to rank Feasts with different values, so that, if Saturday in a given week is occupied by the observance of any Feast of the higher ranks of monastic tradition, i.e., (in order of decreasing importance) a Great Feast (Septum Festum), a Solemnity, a Feast in Copes, a Feast in Albs, or a Feast of Twelve Lessons, or an Ember Day, then the weekly observance of the Offices of the Theotokos at the High Altar is transferred in that week to the next preceding day closest to Saturday for which no special service or Feast of such rank is assigned. [The Medieval Monastic Psalter of Orthodox England, Noted in the English Language, Vol. XXVII, p iii]