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Among its other restrictions, the BBC does not accept the following--scripts written for existing or previously produced shows/characters; and scripts from overseas. From the BBC web page: We are looking for writers with whom the BBC can develop a strong working relationship and who have something to say that will appeal to British audiences. You may be a non-British-born writer, but you must be resident in the UK or Eire. If you are currently living overseas, please send us your script when you return to the country. As I am an American living in Los Angeles, an unrepresented writer (no agent/manager), am not a member of a Writers Guild, and have no significant body of work (save for a few Amazon Kindle entries and iUniverse publications), any and all scripts that I might write in relation to Not Going Out can never be submitted through official channels. These can only serve as examples of my writing style. All rights to Not Going Out and its characters belong to the BBC. This is a speculative script that is not for sale or distribution.

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NOT GOING OUT - LEES CHOICE By M.L. Zambrana Rough Draft #1 - 10 November 2011

LOGLINE: After Lee meets and falls in love with Becky, he has to make a decision about which woman--Lucy or Becky--is right for him.

INTRODUCTION - INT. - PUB TIM and LEE are seated at their usual spot at the bar. They sit with their backs to the bar, watching the crowd behind them, then turn and grin at one another. TIM I do love it when its Ladies Night! LEE Yea, its the one night of the week where I can get drinks half-priced. TIM You know, youre supposed to be the one buying the drinks. LEE What, and let one of these desperate, horny women get me drunk and have their way with me? What do you take me for, a slag? TIM Dont make me answer that. You dont suppose, you know, that we might get lucky? LEE Get lucky? You planning on betting the lottery? TIM (with a frown) I might as well. Im starting to think I might have a better shot at winning a million pounds than finding Miss Right.

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LEE Maybe you should just settle for Miss Left and have her stand on the other side of you. What about Daisy? Whats wrong with--never mind, wed be here all night. Things cooling down between you two? TIM A bit, yes. Shes been distracted lately, trying to find a way to drum up business. LEE By doing what? TIM I dont know. She wont tell me. She just says that she has an idea to improve her business. Something about getting the word out to the public and all that. Presenting a personal touch to the world of hair care. LEE Theres a recipe for disaster - Daisy wandering free in the world. Best to keep an eye on her. You never know what kind of trouble she might get in to. TIM Oh, come now. Yes, shes a bit shallow, but shes not THAT bad

CUT TO INTRODUCTION - EXT. - STREET DAISY is standing with her hands against a wall between two police officers and an undercover detective. DAISY But Im not a prostitute! There is quite the misunderstanding going on! Yes, I I made some effort with my appearance and Im a bit more casually dressed than normal but--

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The arresting officer pulls her hands behind her back and handcuffs her. DAISY --but Im a HAIRDRESSER! When I said that I was offering you *A* free trim, I wasnt offering you free trim! OFFICER So you charge for it, do you? DAISY (offended) Of course! Heavens, you dont think I give this kind of thing away in todays economy, do you? The OFFICER pulls towards the police car. DAISY (sudden realization) No! Wait! Thats not what I was talking about! The OFFICER puts Daisy in the back of the car. CUT TO OPENING CREDITS TO NOT GOING OUT CUT TO ACT I, SCENE ONE - INT. - LUCYS FLAT, LIVING ROOM LEE is on the sofa under a blanket, in his pajamas and a robe, reading a magazine. There is a series of heavy thuds at the door and LEE stares at Barbara, who is cleaning the desk a few feet from the door. Barbara stops and stares back at him. BARBARA I hope you dont expect me to get that. Im your cleaner, not your butler. LEE Are you sure about that first one?

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BARBARA You know, its time we established some rules about what it is I do and dont do around here. I feel like Im being taken advantage sometimes, you know. LEE Trust me, Barbara, thats the one thing I would never do to you.

There is further pounding at the door. BARBARA and LEE continue to stare at one another. LEE stands and walks to the door. LEE All right, Ill get it. But dont say that I never do anything around here.

As LEE opens the door in mid-speech, he finds LUCY standing there, her arms loaded with the shopping and the handle of a small bag in her mouth. LUCY (mumbling) Fine. Ill say it! LEE at Barbara) stand there, Barbara. out of her mouth and her down.

(waves Well, dont just Take the bridle hose

LEE plucks the bag out of Lucys mouth and stares at her. LEE Well? LUCY Well, what? LEE Arent you going to say thank you?

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LUCY For what? LEE Helping.

LEE holds up the small bag in his hand and LUCY glares at him.

LUCY (sarcastic) Thank you. Now come and help me put away the groceries, Lee. Weve got some things to discuss. LUCY goes in to the kitchen with the shopping bags.

LEE All right, then. If youre not going to do it, I guess Ill have to be the one to hose her down. Hope theres some soap in this bag BARBARA Dont get me involved in your little private fantasies! The next thing you know, inside your head, youll have both Lucy and I standing naked in a paddock while you go at us with a sponge. LEE Thank you for that visual. (looks down) I think it just shriveled up. BARBARA How CAN you tell the difference? LEE glares at BARBARA.

LUCY (from the kitchen) LEE! Get in here!

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LEE (to Lucy) Just a minute! (to Barbara) She seems a bit irate. BARBARA Oh, look! You learned a new word! I didnt think they used language like that in the kind of magazines that you read.

LEE shoots her another look, then goes towards the kitchen. CUT TO ACT I, SCENE TWO - INT. - LUCYS FLAT, KITCHEN LUCY is unpacking the groceries. LEE ENTERS and picks around the items on the island.

LUCY You look better. So hows the flu? LEE Eh, its just about gone. Im still feeling a bit wobbly. Weak. Delicate. (holds out his arms) Hold me? LUCY That would be all that cough syrup youve been drinking. And I didnt notice it stopping you from going to the pub last night with Tim, so youll be getting no sympathy from me.

LEE lowers his arms and gestures at the groceries. LEE What in the world have you bought? I wouldnt eat this stuff sober and healthy, much less sick and medicated. LUCY

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Well, if you dont like it, why dont you come shopping with me next time? LEE I might have to. Either that or Ill have to start ordering out every day. If only the delivery women would wear smaller tops LUCY Theres always hope. Maybe you can phone up and add that as a side order? LEE So what did you want to talk to me about? LUCY Its about the rent. Lee, I was thinking that perhaps perhaps its unfair to be charging you rent any more. I think that you should stay here for free. LEE What? It must be the cough syrup talking. When did this come about? LUCY Well, lets face it. Youre barely able to pay me anything. Technically, youre months behind. And youre Tims best friend. So charging you for your room does seem to be a bit unfair. Friendship-wise. LEE Youve got a point. Friendship-wise. LUCY And LEE And what? LUCY Oh, nothing. I just thought Id break the good news to you, now that youre feeling better.

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LEE Yea, and thats no thanks to you, you flu bug. LUCY Dont start. Its not my fault that the flu only hit me for twenty-four hours. LEE And yet here I am, suffering for days. LUCY (scoffs) Suffering. Since when is an excuse for you to stay in bed a hardship? Its just a wonder the sheets dont stand up on their own by now. LEE I suppose I should look on the bright side. If you had to give me something-LUCY Lee! LEE Never mind. LUCY shakes her head. DISSOLVE TO ACT I, SCENE THREE - EXT. - PARK LEE is walking through a park. He tightens the scarf around his neck. He checks his watch, then turns quickly and bumps in to a woman, BECKY. BECKY is holding her cell phone and was obviously distracted by the device, as she simultaneously bumps in to LEE. LEE EXITS.

BECKY Oh, Im sorry! I didnt see you. I was checking my messages. LEE Its all right. I wasnt exactly watching where I was going, either.

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LEE coughs repeatedly and BECKY puts her phone into the pocket of her coat. She reaches out to stop him as he starts to walk away, then digs in to her purse. BECKY Hold on, Ive got some cough drops. Its the least I can do. Here.

BECKY pulls out an enormous bag of cough drops, over half the size of her purse, and hands it to LEE. He stares at the bag. LEE Thanks. Now I can stock that pharmacy Ive been meaning to open.

BECKY laughs, fishes a couple out of the bag, then takes the bag back from LEE and puts it back in her purse. She hands one to LEE and unwraps the other one for herself. BECKY They were on sale. Im just getting over a cold. LEE Yea, I had the flu all last week. Kept me in bed for about five days straight. Not that I needed the flu as an excuse. BECKY Ah, so youre the ambitious sort! Thats all right. Ill bet it makes you easy to keep track of. What brings you out of the house today? LEE Oh, you know. Cabin fever. I wanted to go for a walk, get some air. BECKY In this weather? You might get sick again.

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LEE I might say the same for you. Dont you have anyone looking after you? BECKY I can look after me, thanks. What about you? LEE Eh, theres just my friend Tim and my roommate--

Beckys phone goes off. She pulls it out again, checks it and gives LEE an apologetic smile.

BECKY Sorry. Sometimes it feels like Im tethered to this thing. Im late for an appointment. LEE Oh, what do you do? BECKY Im a copyrighter. Freelance. Its the kind of thing where you get work when you can get it, and right now, Ive got it. LEE Ill say you do.

BECKY and LEE smile at one another. It is clear that he is instantly charmed by BECKY and vice versa. BECKY gives him a playful swat on the arm and starts to walk away. LEE So whats your name? Becky. BECKY Rebecca Palance.

LEE Lee Im Im Lee.

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BECKY Nice to meet you, Lee. around.

Ill see you

BECKY gives him a smile and a quick nod as she leaves. LEE pauses, smiles and waves, then turns and walks away with an odd expression of confusion and pleasure on his face. DISSOLVE TO ACT I, SCENE FOUR - INT. - PUB TIM, DAISY and LEE are seated at the bar with a pint each. TIM Anyway, on the bright side, it only took about ten minutes of talking to her for the police to clear up the matter and determine she was innocent. LEE Ten minutes? Our police force must be slipping. Surely sixty seconds with Daisy wouldve been enough to show them what kind of person she is. It was for me. DAISY Thank you, Lee! LEE Take it how youd like. DAISY I have to say, it wasnt a horrible experience. They treated me quite well, given the misunderstanding. TIM Daisy, I know you want to bring customers in to the salon, but personal solicitation? What WERE you thinking? DAISY About what?

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TIM Never mind. (looks at Lee) Whats going on with you today? You seem distracted. LEE Oh. I am, a bit. I just ran in to this woman in the park--literally. TIM Funny, the things you learn about people. I didnt take you for the dogging type. LEE I wasnt dogging. TIM So what did the insurance company have to say? Oh, God, not again, someone steal this mans car so we dont have to have this maniac on our books any more? LEE I wasnt driving. I was walking. We kind of stepped in each others way. TIM Whats the likes of you doing walking through a park, anyway? LEE What, the common folk cant have a taste of the country life once in a while? You put us on a patch of grass and you think wed urinate all over it? TIM Well DAISY Do your people wee in the park? Is that a cultural thing in the North? LEE Well, not usually. of air.


I needed a bit

TIM This is London, so a bit is about all

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you can get.

Whod you meet?

LEE Her names Becky. DAISY Oh, I knew a Becky once. She went to my school. Actually, two Beckys went to my school. I liked one, but not the other. I dont remember their last names, though. Oh, Id hate to meet them now and not know which one I hated. TIM So whats so special about this Becky? Where is she from? Where does she live? How much does she make? LEE I dont know. I hardly know anything about her. We just bumped in to one another, chatted a bit, and walked on. DAISY But you liked her? LEE I did, actually. DAISY Yea. I could tell. Your eyes did that little puppy-dog thing. Like when youre with Lucy. TIM His eyes do NOT do a puppy-dog thing with Lucy. DAISY Yes, they do. TIM No, they dont. Lee is not remotely interested in my sister. DAISY Of course he is. TIM

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No, hes not. (glares at Lee) And if Lee knows whats good for him, hell agree with me. DAISY What if Lee doesnt know whats good for him? LEE Daisy, look at the anger in that face. How could I not know whats good for me? Im not you.

DISSOLVE TO ACT I, SCENE FIVE - INT. - LUCYS FLAT LEE and LUCY are having lunch together. LUCY toasts LEE. LUCY Heres to my new, non-paying tenant. LEE And your non-paying tenant thanks you profusely. LUCY So hows Daisy doing? Not too traumatized, I hope? LEE No, shes fine. In fact, shes proud of herself for learning the proper way to handcuff someone. Im afraid Tims got some rough nights ahead of him. LUCY I feel responsible. LEE Dont be. Tims a grown man. He doesnt need his little sister helping direct his fetishes. Unless that is one. And to think you two make fun of me for being Northern! LUCY

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No. I mean that Im the one who talked to Daisy about being more of an entrepreneur. Putting herself out there. I didnt think shed take me literally! LEE It was YOUR idea? LUCY Please dont tell Tim. I never imagined that Daisy would literally go out on the street and-LEE All right. Its not your fault. But at least that explains the free rent. Blackmail! LUCY No, thats not why I did it. (pause) Well, maybe a little bit. Im waiving the rent because I think our relationship is changing. As they leave the dining area, LUCY falls over the step. LUCY lets out a cry of surprise as LEE quickly catches her. In an effort to right themselves, they fall over one another and land on the floor. LEE then stands up with LUCY holding on to his arms, her body at an angle to the floor.

LEE And I thought I was clumsy. LUCY You are. But mercifully, not today, right at this moment.

LEE and LUCY pause, then snicker at their predicament. LUCY You know, if Tim walked in on us right now, he might get the wrong idea. LEE No, I think hed get the right idea.

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LUCY And then hed scream like a little girl. LEE (scoffs) He would not.

LUCY Oh, yes, he would. I know my brother. LEE Again, I thought that was just a Northern thing! They laugh, and LEE pulls LUCY closer to him. They extend their lips, ready to kiss. TIM ENTERS and screams. LEE drops LUCY onto the floor and stands up with his hands raised. LUCY rolls over, puts one hand under her chin and glares up at TIM. CUT TO ACT II, SCENE ONE - PARK LEE is seated on the edge of the fountain. He looks around, checks his watch, taps his feet nervously, then checks his watch again. BECKY steps up behind LEE, smiling to herself. She eases up on his blind side and quickly seats herself next to him. LEE jumps a little, then grins.

BECKY Waiting for someone? LEE Oh. Hi. I didnt think youd be here, but I wasnt doing anything so-BECKY --yea, I thought Id check, too. are you feeling? LEE Much better, thanks.



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BECKY Good. Good. (laughs) You never had a chance to tell me about yourself. What you do, where you live, that kind of thing. LEE Oh, I dont want to bore you with the details. BECKY Out of work? LEE Yep. (points) As it happens, I live right over there. BECKY And you have a roommate? LEE Landlady. Her names Lucy. (pause) Well, yes, she would be just a roommate now, wouldnt she? Shes stopped charging me rent. BECKY Thats nice of her. She must have her eye on you, to do something like that. LEE What makes you say that? BECKY Lets just say I wouldnt blame her. LEE We met really quickly the other day, and Ive been thinking about it, and I wanted to ask you out for dinner. If thats all right? BECKY Id like that. How about tonight? Something relaxed, though. Regular food, no fancy clothes

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BECKY gestures between them at their average clothing. BECKY since I dont think either of us is exactly upper class. LEE A nice, casual atmosphere, no pressure Exactly. BECKY Mind the ice.

BECKYS words come too late. LEE stands up and slips on a patch of ice, then falls back against BECKY. The two of them tumble into the chilly water of the fountain. BECKY and LEE sit up and BECKY glares at LEE.

LEE Oops.

BECKY shakes her head back and forth, slowly, then the two of them slowly get out of the fountain. DISSOLVE TO ACT II, SCENE TWO - INT. - LEES BEDROOM BECKY is curled up in LEES bed, her head covered by a blanket. LEE ENTERS with a bath towel around his head like a turban, then shuts the door and does an odd dance. LEE I can see why you women like doing this. Part balancing act, part Arabian fantasy. BECKY If you start doing the dance of the seven veils, Im outta here. LEE removes the towel and rubs it against his wet hair, then drops it on the floor. He sits down next to her and pulls the blanket away from her head. LEE

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Feeling any better? BECKY After you tried to drown me in a fountain? No. Im still freezing. These candles arent helping much, either. LEE Oh, I dont know. I like them. This is how I conduct all my ritualistic murders. BECKY gives him a look. LEE walks around and gets in to bed with her and puts his back to BECKY. LEE Come on. Put your back to mine. Well use good old-fashioned body heat to get you warmed up. BECKY (in a childs voice) Is this what they did in your day, Granddad? Before man invented fire? LEE Were the same age. Dont get cheeky, granny, or Ill hide your bedpan. BECKY Try it and Ill slap you with my rubber pants... ew. Never mind. You might be in to that kind of thing, for all I know. (pause) Lee, this isnt helping. LEE I can tell that. Youre shaking like a cat thats been stuck in a fridge for two hours. BECKY Dare I ask-LEE You cant turn your back on the little bastards for a second, thats all Im saying.

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BECKY Aside from the fact it walked sideways for a while, it was FINE

LEE grunts, then rolls over and curls himself around Becky. She scoots back against him and he rubs her arms.

LEE All right. Lets try this, then. Oh, you ARE freezing! BECKY Funny. My gynecologist said the very same thing just the other day. LEE You might want to consult a different physician, then, because that seems to be the one part of you that isnt cold. BECKY Mind that thermometer, Doctor. Or is that a package of Smarties? LEE Cheeky. BECKY Yep, thats where it is. LEE (smiles) Youve broken my losing streak, you know. Youre the first woman Ive had in this bed in... wow. Quite a while now, actually. BECKY So you share Lucys bed, then? LEE No. No, we dont have that kind of a relationship. BECKY turns her head to face LEE, and LEE and BECKY stare at one another for a long moment.

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BECKY What kind is that? LEE This kind. LEE and BECKY exchange a passionate kiss. BECKY turns her body to him, and LEE wraps his arms around her. DISSOLVE TO ACT II, SCENE THREE - INT. - LEES BEDROOM LEE and BECKY are facing one another in bed, their hands clasped and their foreheads touching. The candles are halfburned down and their clothes are on the floor. BECKY Im sorry. LEE Isnt that my line? BECKY Not tonight, it isnt. That was... (in a throaty voice) VERY GOOD. They smile and share a quick kiss.

LEE Thank you. (confused) So what are you sorry for? BECKY (with a sad smile) Because its not me that you want here, is it? I could tell. You had your eyes closed most of the time. Either that or Ive turned into Medusa. LEE You do have the hair for it. And you did turn me to stone. (pause) Now I AM sorry, though. Youre right. I

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shouldve been more with you and not thinking about anyone else. Will you let me make it up to you? With eye contact and everything this time? BECKY Hmmm. Well, they do say make-up sex is the best... LEE So I get to move from (deep voice) VERY GOOD to (sings) "simply the best." BECKY Onward and upward. LEE Im already there, woman.

BECKY peeks under the sheets, smiles and winks. BECKY Yes, you are! LEE and BECKY kiss again. DISSOLVE TO ACT II, SCENE FOUR - INT. - KITCHEN LEE is standing at the island, preparing breakfast. LUCY ENTERS. LUCY I heard you talking last night. I take it you have a guest? LEE I do, actually. Becky. We met in the park, yesterday. Thought Id make her breakfast in bed as an apology. LUCY Id have thought trauma therapy would be more in order. What were YOU doing in

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the park? And does this story involve a long trenchcoat? (waves one hand) Oh, wait, its cold out. Nobody would see anything. LEE Butterfingers that I am, I accidentally knocked Becky in to the fountain. Her apartment lost electricity this morning, so I invited her back here to warm up. LUCY Warm up? It sounded more like a championship match in there, for a bit. LEE We werent too loud, were we? LUCY (quickly) No, no. Until I walked by your room, I didnt even know that you were occupied. LEE Well, technically, she was the one who-LUCY HEY. No. Stop. (stands up) I can live without the details, thanks. LEE Unfortunately, its a short story-LUCY AH! LUCY EXITS. LEE turns back to his eggs. DISSOLVE TO ACT II, SCENE FIVE - INT. - PUB TIM and LEE are seated at the bar.

TIM So. Lucy tells me that youre seeing someone. (with obvious contempt) Is it

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this Becky that you met last week? LEE It is. Whats it to you? TIM Its a bit of a slap in the face, wouldnt you say? Are you saying that my sisters not good enough for you? LEE I thought you never wanted me to have anything to do with your sister? TIM Well, I dont its just that you two have been getting along well for some time now, and LEE And nothing has happened. Lucy and I have been tiptoeing around each other for a long time now. With Becky, theres been none of that. We met, we clicked-TIM You tried to drown her. Thats hardly a courtship ritual. LEE The dating scene gets tougher as you get older, Tim. Youve got to find new angles. Anyway, its not the first time Ive gotten a woman wet on the first date. Ugh. TIM So youre actually sleeping with her? LEE Yes. I am. What of it? TIM Nothing. TIM and LEE drink their beers. ACT II, SCENE SIX - INT. - LEES BEDROOM

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LEE pulls a small present out of his pocket.

LEE Surprise. Its our one month anniversary. BECKY Oh! Oh, Im so sorry, I didnt-- I mean, I know what day it is, but I didnt think youd want to celebrate or anything. LEE (waves off her words) Call it a spontaneous gesture. Truth is, Ive never done this before. Thought Id give it a shot. BECKY Quite a romantic thing. Thank you, Lee. This has been a wonderful month. LEE It has, indeed. BECKY And I dont want to spoil it but I have to ask. LEE Ask what? BECKY I was wondering if maybe youd like to move in with me. LEE Move in? BECKY Im not saying today, or tomorrow, or next week. But I would like to make the offer. It feels awkward, meeting you here all the time. LEE I, ah I dont know.

This is a bit

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sudden. BECKY Isnt that my line? LEE Becky, I really like you. I cant deny that. But-BECKY Please dont think Im trying to rush things. I just want us to spend more time together, thats all. I probably shouldnt have even said it. It was wrong. LEE No! No, I want us to be together more often, too. Its unexpected, thats all. Give me some time to think about it? BECKY I will give you anything you want. LEE Ah, but you already have.

LEE and BECKY hug, but over her head, LEE looks troubled. DISSOLVE TO ACT III, SCENE ONE - INT. - LUCYS FLAT (insert scene with Becky, Lee and Lucy)

ACT III, SCENE TWO - INT. - LEES BEDROOM LEE and BECKY are slow-dancing to a song. LEE Do you feel what I feel? BECKY I feel something. (pauses and looks down) And no, I dont mean

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BECKY looks in to his eyes, reaches up and taps LEES chest, then her own.

BECKY I mean that I feel something here. LEE So do I. BECKY But it doesnt make you happy? LEE I just I want to do the right thing, but right now, I dont know what that is. Is this do we have love? BECKY Real love?

LEE nods. BECKY I dont know. I dont know that Ive ever actually been in love before. Have you? LEE doesnt answer.

(insert break-up scene, in reference to LUCY, between LEE and BECKY here)

CUT TO ACT III, SCENE THREE - LUCYS FLAT TIM, DAISY and LUCY are seated in the living room when LEE and BECKY enter.


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Lee, Im sorry-LEE (angry) Sorry?!? You want to know something? Those are pretty much the first and the last words that Becky said to me. Im sorry. And you know what she was sorry for? LUCY What? LEE For not being you. LEE heads back to his bedroom and EXITS. (insert DAISY humor here) LUCY stands in the middle of the room with a stunned expression, and TIM walks up to her and puts an arm around her shoulder.

TIM Its all right, Lucy. He had no right to yell at you like that. When he gets back, he and I are going to have a long chat about this. LUCY No, you wont. TIM Lucy, this is something thats important to both of you. LUCY Its not your decision to make, is it? Its Lees.

TIM and LUCY hug one another. (insert DAISY humor here) DISSOLVE TO ACT III, SCENE FOUR - LEES BEDROOM

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LEE is lying in bed.

TIM sits down beside him.

TIM Tough night, eh? LEE What do you want? Oh, thats right. I havent made YOU miserable yet. (pause) Tim, what if Ive just let the love of my life walk away? TIM Or what if you just walked towards her? If I know Lucy, and I think I do, shell weather through this just fine. LEE What are you saying? TIM Look, I know youre feeling miserable right now, but losing Becky is not the end of everything. It could even be a new beginning. LEE Are you trying to tell me that we have your blessing, Dad? TIM If you want it. Then I guess I am, yes. Its a shock to me, too. I was sure youd spend your days sleeping in a skip and washing up in the river. LEE Oh, get stuffed. (pause) Thank you. TIM All I ask is that you make her happy, Lee. You might not deserve her, but she deserves to be happy. And believe it or not, so do you. DISSOLVE TO

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ACT III, SCENE FIVE - LUCYS FLAT (BACKGROUND MUSIC: HOWARD JONES - WHAT IS LOVE) LEE ENTERS. He gets his coat from the coat rack, opens the front door, closes it, then leans back against the door. He drops the coat and puts his hands over his face. Slowly he slides to the floor and sits against the door. LUCY ENTERS from the bedroom. She pauses and looks down at him. LUCY Arent you going to Beckys? No. LEE Im not. (looks up at her) Im sorry if I hurt you, Lucy.

LUCY You did, a bit. But at least you were being honest with me. With how you felt. And you made me realize something. When I was dating Guy last year I was the one being cruel. I didnt take a moment to think about how you might feel, seeing me in the arms of another man. LEE Well, that was different. We werent exactly measuring one another up at the time, were we? LUCY Were we? LEE Oh, Lucy. My Lucy. LUCY My Lee. LEE and LUCY hug and hold each other. TIM ENTERS, stops, smiles, puts his hands in his pockets and EXITS.

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