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Golmen Gazette

e Volume 3, Issue 14 November 11, 2011

The November character trait is

Demonstrating honor & value through actions

Progress Reports
Progress reports will be coming home next Friday, November 18th. Please sign and return by Monday, November 21st. Field Trip Reminder

Weekly Quizzes
Monday-Editing Quiz Thursday-Reading Assessment Friday Math Check-up, Spelling Test, 2 Minute Timing

Just a reminder, that we will be traveling to Nixa High School on November 16, to watch West Side Story production. We will return for lunch at a later time then usual. I am unsure of the time due to uncertainty of the length of the program. I will email more information as it becomes available.

Mark Your Calendar

Nov. 11- Chuck E Cheese Night Nov. 16 FIELD Trip West Side Story Play @ HS
Nov. 18 FUNDRAISER DUE Nov. 18- Mid-Quarter Grades

Box Tops Dont forget to send in your Box Tops!

Nov. 18 PTA Movie Night Nov. 23-25 No School Nov. 29 Boot Camp Nov. 28-Dec. 5 Acuity Testing Dec. 15- SRI testing

Dont forget that Friday is a School fundraising event from 3:00-9:00p.m.

Next Week Reading: Problem & Solution Writing: Persuasive writing Working with Words: write, about, no, valuable dishonest, pitcher, catcher, teacher, player, listener (rest of words on spelling city) Math: Measurement Science: Weathering & erosion Social Studies: Social Studies Weekly-Nonfiction Reading