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Family t
Name: Total: /40 T!-
1 Adjective patterns 8 points 3 Verb patterns 10 points
Match the adjectives with the prepositions. Complete the text with the correct verb formo Ca
1 hopeless a) about I was always accusing my parents of (1) Sa
2 famous b) on (embarrass) me when I was younger. My dad loved mi
3 serious c) for (2) (think) that he was trendy. He made ml MI
4 proud d) to (3) (tell) him what clothes were fashionabll co:
5 dependent e) with and then he' d try (4) (have) knowledgeabl,
6 interested f) at chats with my friends about the latest trends. I wanted thl sa'
7 allergic g) of ground (5) (open) up! And I really objectel go
8 fed up h) in to my mum (6) (broadcast) to the world al Sh
2 Verb patterns 11 points the stupid things I did, and she refused (7) "
Underline the correct formo (accept) that she was making a fool of me in front of my sul
1 I wanted to go / going to the pIay but I couldn't. friends. And she wouldn't let me (8) (go) Fir
2 My brother taught me to ski / skiing last year. out with new friends until she had met them first. Anywo WE
3 I don't mind to drive / driving you to the airport. I'm looking forward to (9) (have) children ani

4 up
You can't avoid to taIk / taIking to them now. of my own one day because I've promised myself not ac(
5 He ordered them to leave / Ieaving immediately. (10) (do) the same to them! wc

6 She always encouraged me to work / working in the 4 Vocabulary - sodal register 5 points
film industry.
Match the formal words with the informal equivalents.
7 My brother is considering to move / moving to 1 moreover a) anyway
2 in conclusion b) by the way
8 We've arranged to meet / meeting up next Friday.
3 consequently c) also
9 He refused to Iend / Iending me his motorbike.
4 incidentally d) as for me
10 His parents wouldn't allow him to have / having a
party while they were away. 5 personally e) so

11 Why do you insist on to go / going to these places? 5 Pronundation - single vowel sounds 6 points
Are the vowels indicated single vowel sounds? Mark the
.I or X.
1 simple D 7 hQpe D
2 crQwd D 8 book D
3 ;lrm D 9 hQmeD
4 pn D 10 loud D
5 C;lmeD 11 hygging D
6 w;lter D 12 togethr D

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