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(GROUP OF 2) (30%) Students are required to draft own contract document for one of the following contracts: 1. Agency Contract or, 2. Partnership Contract or, 3. Sale of Goods Contract. The draft of the contract must fulfill the important elements of contract, and contain the important terms and conditions of the contract chosen, including but not limited to the followings: Marks distribution 1 1 1 1 1 2 3 5 5 10 Total: 30 marks Instructions: 1. The group work involves two students. 2. You and your partner are the parties to the contract. 3. Choose to draft either the agency contract or the partnership contract or the sale of goods contract of your own. 4. The contract must indicate the specific agency or partnership relationship or the sale of specific goods between you and your partner. 5. Students may refer to the Malaysian Contracts Act 1950, the Partnership Act 1961 and the Sale of Goods Act 1957, for references. 6. Students may also refer to other contract documents to get some ideas on how to draft own contract document.

1. Parties to contract 2. Duration of contract 3. Governing law for the contract 4. Severability of the contract clauses 5. Whether time is essence of contract 6. Capacity to contract 7. Consideration 8. Exclusion clauses 9. Termination clauses 10.Performance of the contract