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1. Project Justification

• Thapar University is currently having an automated time table generation

system but there are some problems with it due to which it is unable to
generate the time table automatically for all the years of B.E.

• To overcome this problem and provide the university a good automated time
table generation system this project has been taken.

• The system which will be made will be an easy to use and error free system.

• It is expected that the project will be completed in this semester, but if due to
some problems it is not completed in this semester it will be continued in the
next semester till it is completed.

• Regarding the cost there will be no expenditure in buying the new software’s
to install the system as the university is already having ORACLE and
Windows operating system which will be required to use the project. The
required hardware is also already available with the university.

2. Project Product

• Interface for input: The system will be having an easy to use and
interactive interface to enter all the inputs like the workload for the teachers,
how many no. of students of which branches are studying the subject in a
semester, the data for the rooms(their capacity, whether they are digital or
not etc.) and data for the labs.
• Database Capabilities: The system will have well designed database to
store all the information which will be entered in as the input.

• Processing Capabilities: The system will have algorithms to process all the
data present in the database and keeping in view the various constraints like

that a teacher should not have two consecutive lectures/labs/tutes, students

have minimum one hour gaps, proper rooms are allocated for the lectures
and tutorials, labs are used optimally so that they are used for the maximum
possible time, it will generate the time table.

• Search Panel: The system will have an easy to use to search panel to search

according his need on the time tables stored in the database. The system

would give the response to the user quires in the proper format and errors

messages will be shown properly to tell user about his mistakes and to guide

him/her for proper use of the system.

3. Requirements

Refer to SRS (which will be made later)

4. Project Deliverables

To university: To the university the working software and the reference manual
will be delivered.

For Developers: The developers will develop the following documents during
the entire project to assist them in the completion of the project.
Planning Business case, scope statement, works
breakdown structure.
Analysis SRS
Design UML, Database design, DFD’s
Coding Source code
Testing Test Plan, Test Cases, Test Report

5. Project Objectives

• To provide a fast, accurate and error free system to generate the time table.

• To provide with an easy to use utility to ease the query on the generated
time tables.

6. Assumptions

• The requirements will not change once they have been finalized.

• Sufficient information and documents from the university will be available

when ever required.

• The response time of the system will be accepted whatever it may be.

• The system would be used only for windows operating system.

7. Cost and time estimates

• Cost will depend on the cost of the following resources

Hardware- No cost (Laptops Available)

Software- jdk 1.6, Netbeans, Oracle 9i, Windows Xp, Microsoft project

Printing Costs- Costs to print the various documents during the time of
entire project.

• The project will be completed at the end of this semester and if there are
any problems it will be definitely completed and installed till the start of
the next semester.

8. Constraints

• The system would run only on the windows operating system.

• The system may give unexpected errors if the input is not proper.

• The system may work very slowly if the hardware is of very low