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Pastor Jacquelyn Bethea

Co-Pastor Dolores Williams


We, The Anchor of Hope Ministries, Inc. do resolve to live by example to teach and
preach the Word of God. This is a ministry that is not predicated on the doctrine of men,
but one that is established on the truths of God’s Word declaring Jesus Christ as the Son of
God and the Head of the Church. We will not function by legalism or traditions but we do
resolve to at all times be led by the Spirit of God.

The purpose of The Anchor of Hope Ministries is to deliver the Word of God for the
changing of lives. To produce spiritual, social, physical and holistic living, and to promote
the ordinances of God’s Holy Church.

Spiritual: To teach the Word of God by precept and example.

To instruct in prayer, and to pray and intercede on behalf of the Body of
To fellowship in the unity of peace, and to forget not the assembling of
ourselves together.
To worship and praise the one true and living God, and to instruct men in the
ways thereof.

Social: To work in our Community in conjunction with other Churches/Community

Organizations, Schools, and Business Institutions to promote and enhance
better quality of life.
To implement programs that will meet the needs of the community.
To establish good relationships with other community leaders.

Physical: To promote healthy living through the teaching of God’s Word.

To teach that our bodies are “The Temple of the Holy Spirit”.

We, the Anchor of Hope Ministries, Inc. not only meet the spiritual needs, but we meet the
natural needs of the homeless, poor, sick, and helpless by:

 Sponsoring Clothing Give A-ways

 Prison Ministry
 Support to Women’s Shelters of Drug Addicted and Abused Women
 Provide Christian Counseling


Tuesday Night Prayer – 7:00 PM

99 Sparks Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Friday Night Youth Service – COMING SOON!

7:00 PM – 1st Friday of The Month!
6003 Germantown Avenue
Turner Chapel – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sunday Worship Service – 3:00 PM
6003 Germantown Avenue
Turner Chapel – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Special SUNDAY Scheduled Services – With Guest Preachers

Sunday Afternoons – Times – T.B.A.