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1he LoLal load on Lhe power supply neLwork ls reduced from (s) Lo (s1) aL an

unchanged acLlve power ouLpuL 1he requlslLe capaclLor ouLpuL (Cc) may be
calculaLed from Lhe formula glven ln flgure 2

WlLh Lhe capaclLor ln servlce addlLlonal machlne may be connecLed le Lhe
load may be lncreased

llgure 3 shows an lncrease of acLlve load from () Lo () 1he capaclLy of Lhe
conducLor or Lhe Lransformer ls fully uLlllsed when (S2) equals (S)

Chapter II Method of compensat|on
1here are Lwo ma[or ways of reacLlve compensaLlon
5hunt compensotion
ShunL capaclLor are connecLed ln parallel ln Lhe sysLem and are used malnly for
power facLor lmprovemenL and ln harmonlc fllLer ShunL capaclLor also boosLs
Lhe volLage of Lhe bus 1hls also known as load compensaLlon
5eries compensotion
Serles capaclLors are connecLed ln serles ln Lhe llnes and are used malnly for
boosLlng Lhe recelvlng end volLage lncrease ln Lransmlsslon capaclLy and
reducLlon ln losses ln Lhe llnes AparL from lmprovlng volLage aL Lhe recelvlng
end serles capaclLor also lmprove power facLor aL Lhe sendlng end of Lhe llnes
unllke shunL capaclLor whose ouLpuL depends on Lhe volLage Lhe volLage
lmprovemenL by serles capaclLor lncrease wlLh lncrease ln load currenL ln
oLher words Lhe serles capaclLor ls a regulaLlng Lype Serles compensaLlon ls
also known as llve compensaLlon